FIGMENT's Artist-Designed Mini Golf Course on Governors Island Needs Your Help

FIGMENT's Artist-Designed Mini Golf Course on Governors Island Needs Your Help

FIGMENT's artist-designed mini golf course will not be able to return for its 10th season on Governors Island if its Kickstarter campaign is not successful.

The miniature golf course, which is also a beloved art installation, risks being permanently closed due to the rising costs of building, staffing, and insurance. Each year artists design unique golf holes around a new theme, and the results are tons of fun.

A Kickstarter campaign was created to help support these costs and keep the mini golf course open this season. As of publication, $6,812 of the $25,000 goal had been raised. Supporters can receive club memberships, entry in the new Governors Island Miniature Golf Masters Tournament, or even a chance to hold a private party on the course.

The mini golf course is beloved by kids and adults alike, boasting themed holes that have included the George Washington Bridge, a watermelon slice, giant Swiss cheese, and a light bulb. Each season brings new themes and 2017's is "NYC Has the Beat." Each hole will be "inspired by the rhythm of the city and its music scene," according to the Kickstarter campaign. It would be a shame to miss out on this due to lack of funding.

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The mini golf course is free for visitors and is often visited by camps and school groups from underserved communities. It has been open for the past nine summers on Governors Island.

"FIGMENT's Artist-Designed Miniature Golf Course is an only-in-New-York-City experience, and the 2017 course will be the most imaginative and interactive yet. Check out the fabulous lineup of rewards on our Kickstarter page and help bring 'NYC Has the Beat' to life. Then come on over to Governors Island this summer and play it!," states mini golf curator Tad Philipp on the Kickstarter page. 

The Governors Island Kickstarter campaign ends on Thursday, Feb. 2. 

UPDATE: The Governors Island Kickstarter campaign was succcessful, raising $25,432—exceeding the $25,000 needed—to support the miniature golf course.

Main image: A young girl interacts with FIGMENT's mini golf course on Governors Island.
Courtesy Governors Island

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