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Fit Club in Fairfield Offers New Kids' Classes

Fit Club, a family-friendly gym that offers fitness classes for adults and kids, moved its new location in Fairfield's Sportsplex. Fit Club now offers boxing and overall fitness classes for children.
kids in jiu jitsu classLeft to right: Julia Leykikh, father Alex Leykikh, and Mazen Atta
in jiu-jitsu class at Fit Club.

Fit Club has always been a family-friendly operation, offering a variety of fitness and martial arts classes and personal training options for adults and jiu-jitsu classes for kids, but now that it has moved into a new space at Sportsplex, the club is taking its classes for kids (and grown-ups) to the next level.

Fit Club moved into the new location in December and celebrated its grand opening Jan. 5. The new space is much larger than the previous location, which allows the gym to offer two new options for kids: a boxing class and an overall fitness class.

Owner Joe Oppedisano says boxing is a great workout for kids because “it teaches them to be aware of their bodies.” The classes are also completely safe. “We don’t teach the kids how to punch someone,” he says. “We teach them the form and the technique.” Kids do not spar with each other during classes at Fit Club. Rather, kids learn to hit by punching bags and mitts, not other students. The classes are taught and supervised by experienced instructors, and kids learn discipline while having fun. “The workout is so intense,” Oppedisano says, “but because the kids are having fun, they don’t even realize it.”

Fit Club at Sportsplex offers boxing classes for kids ages 8 and older. Drop in classes are available, with no monthly commitment required. Monthly membership for kids is $125 and includes unlimited classes.


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