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FIT4MOM Rockland Franchise Opened July 9 in Several Locations

FIT4MOM Rockland Franchise Opened July 9 in Several Locations

The exercise center focuses on providing moms with a good workout–and the sense of community that so many new moms wish for.

Fit4Moms is a national franchise that offers new moms the opportunity to exercise, bond with their children, and bond with each other. Amy Leon has brought Fit4Moms back to Rockland after a few year’s hiatus and debuted its signature Stroller Strides class–which aims to introduce new moms to the “Sisterhood of Motherhood”–on July 9. Leon was inspired to open a new location after participating in Fit4Moms classes when she was a new mom, leaning into the support system and community the exercise groups offered. Leon runs classes at various Rockland locations in The Shops at Nanuet, Rockland Lake, and Palisades Center.

The first Fit4Moms class is free for all moms. Besides Stroller Strides, which gets blood pumping while allowing moms to focus solely on themselves–but have their babies nearby–the program offers weekly playgroups, playground meetups, and monthly Moms Night Out events.

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“Those are kind of elements that are designed to create and foster that community feeling that they’re looking for,” Leon says. “Because of course we want moms to get a good workout in, but it’s about more than that. It’s about creating the safety net and support system that new moms need.”

This “Sisterhood in Motherhood” is needed, Leon says, for two reasons. One is the fact that, according to the CDC, 1 in 9 women suffer from some sort of postpartum depression–and that’s only in cases that were reported. Secondly, Leon says, we know that moms often set the wellness standard for their households. When moms choose wellness for themselves, they are more likely to see positive wellness affects reverberate through the whole family.

“We try to foster all different kinds of connections,” Leon says. “Coming from someone who took those classes as a new mom, it really was just such a needed thing for me in so many aspects.”