Baking Company in Scarsdale to Launch After-School Workshops

Baking Company in Scarsdale to Launch After-School Workshops

Flourish Baking Company will be offering after-school workshops to teach professional sweet and savory baking techniques for aspiring chefs and bakers.    

Early evening classes will be available for students in which they will have the opportunity to experience the inside of a real commercial bakery and master recipes from start to finish.

Classes include Bake and Tech, which is a unique 'bake and tech' design class where the Digital Arts Experience (DAE) brings their mobile classroom to Flourish to teach students how to create kitchen tools through 3D-printing and modeling in their 'Bakerspace'.

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Classes will be open to students 9 and older.  Online registration begins in August for mid- September enrollment. Workshops will run once per week for 8 sessions.  Classroom size is limited to 12 students per class.

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