4 Ways to Raise More Curious Kids

4 Ways to Raise More Curious Kids

Recent research suggests most parents believe the more curious children are, the more likely they are to be successful adults.

There’s nothing like watching your child grow and explore the world around them. But it turns out it’s not just fun to watch kids learn—according to research by Wakefield Research in conjunction with the Baby Einstein brand, nine out of 10 parents say nothing makes them feel more confident in their parenting skills than watching their child explore something new. What’s more? Approximately 94 percent of parents believe that the more curious kids are, the more successful they’ll be as adults.

"Curiosity isn't just an enabler to a child's development and future success," says Meryl Macune, senior vice president of Kids II, the company that owns and operates the Baby Einstein brand. "It also helps parents feel reassured that they're doing a great job.”

So how can parents encourage curiosity?  

1. Learn through play.

There are very real benefits to play time. Try stacking or building things, playing pretend, or engaging in imaginative play This will teach your child to mimic your actions or words.

2. Do arts and crafts.

Here’s a good excuse to get out the crayons and the glue: approximately 75 percent of parents say that painting, drawing, and making art is one of the best ways for their child to explore and express her curiosity.

3. Read.

Reading is one of the most valuable ways to help children's language develop, plus it encourages an active imagination. Read with your child at home or take them to the library to pick out a new book or join in on story time.

4. Choose toys wisely.

Not all toys are created equal. When shopping, encourage your child to choose toys that help spark curiosity and creativity. Look for puzzles, strategy games, and other STEM toys. Bonus: Nine out of 10 parents say that their child is interested in toys that encourage curiosity for a longer period of time than toys that don't.