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Free Educational Resources and Subscriptions for Remote Learning

Free Educational Resources and Subscriptions for Remote Learning

How to get started with online learning and the resources your family can use to maintain it throughout school closures.

In an effort to help NYC families maintain some sense of normal throughout the work from home transition, public school closings, and all other changes the Coronavirus has brought forth, we will continue to compile resources that can be of use to you and your family. Maintaining a steady source of learning is crucial for kids, especially at a time like this so here are the educational resources and subscriptions your family can turn to for free learning throughout this national emergency.

How to Get Started with Online Learning:


This completely free resource is offering free webinars for effective remote learning, given by a remote learning expert, on Wednesday, March 18 at 4pm and Thursday March 19 at 2pm.  Parents can learn best practices for remote learning, how to use ReadWorks for synchronous and asynchronous learning, and how to set up your ReadWorks account for digital or print resources and classes.


In addition to simulations, PLIX, adaptive practice, and other interactive learning activities to increase individual student performance, CK-12 is offering a webinar on teaching online and learning from home with CK-12. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy's daily schedules aim to support parents through this crisis by providing structure for every age group. Schedules break up the day from 8am-10pm for students preschool-12, including everything from meals and play to resources for teaching all school disciplines. You can also tune in to daily live streams at 12pm on Facebook and Youtube to help navigate school closures.

Printable Resources and Activities for at-Home Learning

123 Homeschool 4 Me

Your family can access more than 200,000 pages of free worksheets for toddler, preschool, pre-K, K-8 students covering letters, math, language arts, history, geography, and more. It also offers a variety of advice articles on how to get started with homeschooling.


This nonprofit focused on engineering offers free at-home projects for kids K-12. Kids can learn to design a trampoline, launch an air powered rocket, and make a ferris wheel out of pasta. Pick an activity a day.

Online Lessons for at-Home Learning 


Through April 30, DreamBox is offering a free 90-day trial of its online lessons so children grades K-8 can have continuous access to math lessons designed by teachers. 

Math ABC

Strengthen your kids' math skills with free lessons for students K-6, including topics from learning numbers all the way to decimals and graphs. 


IXL's comprehensive, personalized curriculum offers resources in math, language arts, science, social studies, and Spanish for PreK-12 that work for each individual student. Learn more than 8,000 skills across these subjects, track what your kids know and need to improve on, and so much more.

Varsity Tutors

This tutoring service is now offering a free, remote learning program called Virtual School Day, which includes live, online classes and education resources to help parents fill their kids' days with enriched learning and to prevent students from sliding academically during school cancelations. Virtual School day provides 20 hours of free, live online instruction each week. Each class is led by an expert tutor with age appropriate options for grades K-12. Classes refresh weekly.

Digital Resources and Games for at-Home Learning 


Try a free, 50-minute trial class of Codeverse's virtual, highly-engaging, personalized online coding sessions. 50-minute virtual lessons are video-based and taught by expert guides. Kids ages 6-13 can learn to code, build apps and games, and even get featured on the Codeverse App Store. Plus, you’ll get fun coding kits mailed to your home. 


The Dragon Quest

This free coding challenge for ages 8-18 is a 21-day virtual event in which aspiring coders can complete 21 levels of Python and JavaScript challenges with one final "boss level" where participants write code. The levels aim to teach coding and reinforce skills that young coders already have learned.


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