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50 Easy, Fun Things to Do with Kids at Home

50 Easy, Fun Things to Do with Kids at Home

We're all looking for easy, fun, at-home activities for our kids right now. Here's a list of our favorite fun activities to keep your kids entertained while stuck at home.

Find 50 easy, fun things to do with kids at home, including arts and crafts for kids, indoor activities for kids, kid-friendly recipes, and more!

With NYC schools and many day cares closed and family events and after-school activities cancelled in an effort to prevent the spread and confirmed cases of coronavirus in NY, you’re probably looking for things to do indoors with kids for the next few weeks. We’ve got you covered, Mom and Dad! While boredom is good for kids (it allows our always-connected children to dust off and stretch those imagination skills!), you’ll want to have some boredom-busters for kids on hand to add a little variety to their days.

It’s full of fun activities for kids, arts and crafts for kids—many of which use supplies you have at home, kid-friendly recipes, and easy and fun activities to do around the house for low or no cost!

Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a lot of money or have a fully stocked craft area to maximize the fun—nor do you have to be a creative expert to keep the kiddos entertained at home with indoor activities for kids. If you play your cards right, you might even be able to sneak in some extra learning and family bonding time!

Arts and Crafts for Kids

Not only are at-home arts and crafts fun, they are great for developing fine motor skills, sparking creativity, and bolstering self-confidence. What better reasons to make some art to brighten the day? So gather your supplies, sit with your kids, and craft together!

  1. If you can’t get to the beach to play with sand, make some mess-free moon sand to bring the sand play to you! All you need is baking soda, baking powder, and dish soap! 
  2. Craft a dreamcatcher to protect your kids from bad dreams with yarn, an embroidery hoop, beads, and feathers. Want to up the fun factor? Find other decorations for it around the house!
  3. Explore science by growing a string of stalactites out of baking soda, straws, a pipe cleaner, and yarn.
  4. Have fun with trajectory by building rockets! All you need is paper, modeling clay, straws, tape, and a water bottle with a sports cap.
  5. Save some cardboard boxes from the recycling bin for a homemade ring toss.
  6. Grab some flour, gelatin, corn syrup, and birdseed to make a treat for your neighborhood’s feathered friends!
  7. Go low-mess by making pompom hand puppets—then flex your imagination by creating your own story.
  8. What better time than now to go through your kid’s clothes, gather T-shirts she no longer wears, and repurpose them into a braided rug for her bedroom.
  9. This one’s for your tween fashionista: faux fur pompoms. Need we say more?
  10. Don’t forget about man’s best friend: Upcycle a T-shirt and make a tug toy for Fido!

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Kid-Friendly Recipes

Take advantage of the time at home with the kids and teach them how to cook. Learning to cook teaches valuable life skills while also providing math, reading, science, and health lessons. Have your sons and daughters help read the recipes. Teach them how to read measurements and carefully follow the recipe. Discuss the nutritional benefits that different ingredients provide and what constitutes a healthy meal. But, don’t forget to make it fun for them! Once you have them hooked in the kitchen, they’ll want to come back for more cooking fun. Letting them think of their own snack and dessert ideas can also be a great bonding experience!

  1. Go beyond basic hot cocoa and whip up a batch of peanut butter hot, peppermint, orange, or pumpkin hot cocoa. Bonus points if you serve this treat in your newly decorated mugs!
  2. Sure, we all love nachos, but your kids will go crazy for the fruit version too!
  3. Teach your kids how to mix up a batch of your family’s favorite pancake recipe, and (if they’re old enough, of course) how to flip them on the griddle.
  4. Maintain routine by having breakfast together each morning with the help of these four quick and balanced breakfast ideas!
  5. Who says hors d'oeuvres are just for parties? Serve up some party snacks for a mini lunch buffet!

Find 5 more kid-friendly recipes in 50 Ideas for At-Home Fun!

Low-Fi Fun Around the House

If you don’t have a craft closet with all the necessary supplies (we’re jealous if you do!), there are plenty of low-fi, fun, and old school things your kids can do for fun around the house. And with the abundance of screens and stress of keeping the kids entertained all day, there are a few gems in here you likely enjoyed as a kid but forgot about. 

  1. If you have the benefit of private backyard (unlike most city folks), grab a blanket, make a picnic, then lay back and watch the clouds go by. Bonus points if you can find a dinosaur, car, or other shape!
  2. Try this on for size. Let your kids raid their Halloween costume collection or step into your grown-up digs for a dress-up session. Take in the action and revel in some guaranteed Instagram hits—no one can resist cuties playing fireman or rocking Mom’s high heels, after all. Even better? Organize a stage show (DIY microwave popcorn included) or help their role-playing along by getting in on the act yourself!
  3. Create a scavenger hunt for the kids with mysterious clue notes, fun items hidden around the house, and, of course, prizes!
  4. Ahhh, breathe during a family yoga session. The family that stretches together…
  5. Kids not into yoga? Have a spontaneous dance party!
  6. Create a cozy reading nook with pillows, cushions, blankets, and snuggly stuffed animals to get comfy in, then have everyone choose a book, read each one, and discuss them together. This doesn’t have to be formal, let it be relaxed and fun.
  7. Chores are a necessary evil, so why not make them fun?!
  8. Play Would You Rather...? Kids love to choose between two bizarre options—and you’ll get addicted to this game too. Would you rather investigate scary noises in the attic by yourself or sleep outside in a sleeping bag alone? (The best thing about this game: No props required.) Caution: This should be played under adult supervision.
  9. Use a standard deck of cards to keep kids learning, especially if their school is closed. Games like “War” help kids keep math skills fresh—and the competition can get intense!
  10. Legos. Need we say more?

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