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FunFuzion’s New Virtual Reality Experience is Free Roaming

FunFuzion’s New Virtual Reality Experience is Free Roaming

Arizona Sunshine is unique because players can move around the game space, untethered to a console, to immerse themselves in the experience.

Michael Getlan, the Director of Enthusiasm and opportunity of FunFuzion in New Rochelle, says the indoor amusement park’s new virtual reality game is unlike any other VR game he has experienced. Arizona Sunshine is a free-roam experience that offers two distinct realities to explore and it was added to FunFuzion in April. Unlike older VR games, players don’t need to be connected to a console—bodies and minds can roam freely as they explore a narrative story that revolves around taking down zombies. For Getlan, this increases the appeal of an already incredible experience.

“You’re someplace else. You’re transported to a different place. You’re seeing everything through a headset, so your visual is somewhere else, and now because it’s free roam your body is moving somewhere else,” he says. “You’re actually walking through a different place and interacting with a different place–you have to throw switches, you have to move in an elevator, you’ve gotta do all these things that you would have to do in a reality environment.”

FunFuzion offers other VR games, but is the only venue to offer Free Roam Arizona Sunshine in the Northeast United States. A new narrative will be swapped into the game every three months, so players can expect fresh experiences four times a year–if they ever get tired of playing one story. Arizona Sunshine is not recommended for players younger than 14.

“I’ve been running VR for well over 20 years. It’s different now. It’s an evolution,” Getlan says. “With [Arizona Sunshine], it’s not just one experience, it’s two different experiences, so you can play it twice and not duplicate what you’re doing.”

Main Image: Arizona Sunshine is the future of interactive gaming at FunFuzion.

Courtesy FunFuzion

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