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Darien YMCA Opens New Gymnastics Facility

The Darien YMCA recently built and opened a gymnastics training facility at its Post Road location. With the addition of the space, the YMCA can now host the gymnastics team, which had been training in a separate location, as well as classes for boys and girls and parties.
The Darien YMCA gymnastics facility
With the opening of the new gymnastics center, the Darien YMCA can offer classes and teams for boys and girls in the facility.

Since 1997, the gymnasts at the Darien YMCA have been training in a separate location in town due to a lack of space. With the 11,000-square-foot gymnastics facility opening, the YMCA is able to host all area gymnasts, from 12 months old to the adult programs in its location.

Along with new equipment and a viewing mezzanine, the new location also boasts an endorsement from the 1996 Olympics team coach Béla Károlyi. The space acts as the training facility for the Darien High School gymnastics team and hosts classes like Tumblebees, a class for toddlers 12 months to 5 years old. The gym offers classes for youth up to eighth grade, including a new boy’s power tumbling class for ages 7-13, and is now able to host classes and teams for boys and girls of all ages, which is exactly what the town of Darien has been in need of.

The YMCA also hosts parties for children ages 3 and older. The parties have the children swinging, rolling, balancing, jumping, and playing games in the foam pits and on the trampolines.


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