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Your Child’s Halloween Costume Choice Can Help Reveal Their True Self

Your Child’s Halloween Costume Choice Can Help Reveal Their True Self

This Halloween, take time to learn more about your child by looking closer at their costume preference.

Halloween can be so much more than spooky decorations and gorging on candy. Children’s Arts Guild is encouraging parents to take this time of year to help their kids explore their inner identities and true selves through their Halloween costume choices. What does your kid's costume reveal about herself?

As the Guild’s Founder and CEO, Alex Kopelman says, “If we want children to grow up successful and happy, we need to let them be themselves. It ultimately makes them more likely to have satisfying relationships, self-confidence and professional success.” 

That’s why paying attention to the costume choice your child makes can better inform you about his unique identity and personality. The confidence a child exudes thanks to their costume selection is key to helping him (and you) find out what makes him “tick” and what his goals are for the future.

Kopelman suggests allowing your child to choose their own costume – don’t steer the child towards gender-stereotypical costumes. By allowing the child to make the selection, you can spark a conversation as to why he made that choice and what’s inspirational about it. The reasons behind the selection can help you open new doors for your child by exploring a similar area of interest. For instance, if your child chooses to be a police officer for Halloween, it may mean he wants to help others. You can channel this desire by visiting a soup kitchen or a pet shelter to allow him to realize his potential.

On October 24, Children’s Arts Guild will have a conference to discuss children and authenticity. It’s an invitation-only event, featuring educators, business leaders, and psychologists to help teachers and parents raise kids with positive identities in the wake of enormous peer pressure seen nowadays.

What is your child planning to dress as this Halloween? Take the time to ask questions to better understand your child’s interests and personality. It’s a fun way to delve deeper into your child’s imagination and strengths.

For more info about Children’s Arts Guild, please visit their website. 

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