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My Husband is a Ghostbuster

My Husband is a Ghostbuster

The Rev. Victor Fuhrman is a real-life ghostbuster, meaning he investigates the paranormal and communicates with ghosts--right here in NYC.

Rev. Victor Fuhrman is a paranormal investigator, which means he is sort of a spiritual detective who deals with things that go bump in the night.  He is also my husband, and I recently sat down to ask him in detail about these investigations.

People call Victor when they believe their homes are haunted. Or they reach out to him through the popular paranormal radio show Second Sight, which he produces and co-hosts.

Unlike the cinematic ghostbusters who rush in with Proton Packs to suck scary ectoplasm and demons from the air, Victor spends most of the time talking with frightened clients. And, when needed, he communicates directly with, well, ghosts.

As you can imagine, he gets many compelling inquires:  The mom worried there’s a ghost in the nursery, a grandmother who sees furniture fly across the room, and a couple noticing items move from one place to another around their apartment. Sometimes people just feel a deceased relative hanging around.  

Actual hauntings are rare, Victor tells me, but experiences with spiritual energy are not. Sometimes loved ones stay around to watch over us.  He acknowledges the validity of the experience people are having and then tries to get at the root of it.  Sometimes an investigation finds a ghost, and sometimes it is an 8-year-old tossing furniture to get her grandmother’s attention.

As a child, Victor was awakened by the spirit of his deceased grandfather after his passing. It’s his first memory of having a window into that world. Sensitive and empathic, he was called to minister to the sick and dying as an adult. This further developed his ability to commune with the spirit of people no longer in their physical bodies—as well as compassionately help people who are struggling with loss and paranormal problems.

He shared insights into his fascinating world.

How would you define a ‘paranormal experience’?

Paranormal is a ‘strange’ occurrence that cannot be explained by science. These experiences include premonitions, telepathic communication, psychokinesis (the ability to move things with the power of the mind) and, yes, experiencing disembodied spirit!

So what exactly is a ghost?

In my research and experience there are two manifestations.  The first is related to what we may call the ‘soul,’ ‘spirt,’ or ‘life force’--the energy within that makes each of us unique. When the body, or ‘container’ ceases to exist, what happens to that energy that animated it? We may view a ‘ghost’ as this disembodied energy.  

The other form is called a ‘residual haunt.’  This is where events in a given place have been so intense or traumatic the energy of that event is ‘imprinted’ on the environment and plays back like a recording when the conditions are right.  These are most often found in places of great disaster or battlefields, such as Gettysburg. 

Why would a spirit stick around?

The entity may not be aware that death has occurred because it was sudden or unexpected. There may be unfinished business where the departed feels an obligation to linger and care for--or direct--loved ones. Or it could be because of ‘anchoring’ by families who refuse to accept that their loved one has passed away.

Are there common ghostly concerns you hear?

The most common complaints are unexplained noises or a disembodied voice, the feeling of being watched or touched, occasional shadows or mists and the unexplained moving or relocation of objects. The complaints often start with children reporting these things to their parents. 

Do people sometimes pin family problems on ghosts?

Unfortunately, this is very common.  Many people have started blaming their troubles on ghosts and "demons" rather than taking personal responsibility. Also, the popularization of ‘hauntings’ and paranormal phenomena in movies like Poltergeist and reality television shows like “Most Haunted” and “Ghost Hunters” have led people to think that every shadow, eerie feeling and bump in the night is a ghost.

What happens on a paranormal investigation?

First and foremost, when anyone reaches out believing that there is some form of paranormal activity in their home, my primary response is to calm and reassure them that there is truly nothing to be afraid of and that we will find an answer together.

Eighty percent can be handled by phone and for the remaining twenty percent we plan a visit to the client that includes pre-research on the home or property, an in-person interview to review what was previously discussed by phone, and a check for updates or inconsistencies. There is a walk-through with the client to see where the areas of purported activity are.  At this point, the team divides up into two parts: the scientific half who use various instruments and tools to search for any energy and environmental anomalies and the metaphysical half composed of psychics and empaths who use their natural ‘instruments’ to probe for the same things.

What if you suspect paranormal activity?

We document the activity. This includes EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) where the voices of disembodied spirits are picked up on digital recorders, often answering direct questions.  Other evidence includes images on video and photographs and the more subtle energy of psychic contact and empathy.

Since you mentioned about 97 per cent of the cases are not paranormal, what are other culprits?

The number one cause of much of what is attributed to paranormal activity is poor electrical wiring!  We have found many instances of poorly grounded homes and electrical circuits resulting in lights going on and off and interference with televisions, radios and appliances.  The other big issue is EMF (electro- magnetic fields) that can result from poorly grounded circuits or faulty appliances.  High levels of EMF can cause some people to have paranoia, funny feelings on their skin and even hallucinations. We had one gentlemen who called complaining of waking up in the middle of the night and seeing a face staring at him.  We found an electronic device on his night stand that was putting out inordinate amounts of EMF.  We moved it and his nightly ‘visitations’ abruptly stopped. 

How do you get a real ghost to leave?

The first thing we do is ask the family what they want. Then we give the spirit the opportunity to be crossed over to complete their earthly existence.  We don’t do this without asking the ghost’s permission. Sometimes the response registers on the light meter—an EMF meter with lights. Sometimes I will sense the answer is, “Yes.”  If so, I will guide them with a specific meditation. If the answer is “no “we ask the ghost to respect the people in the home.

So, should people be afraid of ghosts? 

I've always mused we have more to fear from the living than the deceased! I have yet to encounter a disembodied human spirit that was a cause for concern. Of course encountering a ghost for the first time might be unsettling but my advice is to treat them the same way you would treat a living person. Ghosts often are afraid and confused after transitioning, especially if their death was sudden and unexpected. Compassion and respect will go a long way.

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