'Happy-Go-Lucky' Pop-up Installation Opens in SoHo

'Happy-Go-Lucky' Pop-up Installation Opens in SoHo

Sunnyhues Entertainment opened a pop-up art exhibit called “Happy-Go-Lucky” in SoHo and it will be open through July 8. The exhibit boasts eight interactive rooms that will include several installations that fuse reality and fantasy together, according to Sunnyhues Entertainment.

Rooms include “The Diamond Palace,” “The Pink Beach,” “Pepper Garden,” “The Sunflower Ocean,” “The Joy of Velvet Feathers”, “Hallucinations,” “The Fengshui Pavilion,” and the “The Rainbow Joy.” The rooms are designed to heighten senses to create levels of relaxation, excitement, optical illusion and of course, happiness.

Sense enhancing tactics such as colors, aroma, music, and sweets are meant to drive pop-up goers towards genuine deep inner joy and confidence inside and out.

The Diamond room uses shapes and sublimating lights to lead people into a “galactic world” in which they can experience a “dreamy and aesthetically unforgettable experience.”

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Sunnyhues Entertainment hopes that the boost in endorphins will further promote positivity and curiosity when visitors leave the exhibit.

The journey through the museum is meant for attendees to forget the “real world” and immerse themselves in a journey through ultimate bliss. Sunnyhues Entertainment aims to create an environment that is fun and can brighten everyone’s day. Through the exhibit, they hope to create an unfiltered experience of a “happy-go-lucky” attitude: to be cheerful about almost all things.

Tickets are available only on online and cost $28/Mon-Thurs and $34/Fri-Sunday. Free for children under the age of 3. Each ticket includes a free treat.

Image: "The Diamond Palace" room, part of 'Happy-Go-Lucky' pop-up in Soho.
Courtesy: Sunnyhues Entertainment