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Head to the Oculus for a Star Wars™ Virtual Reality Experience

Head to the Oculus for a Star Wars™ Virtual Reality Experience

The VOID brings everyone into the Star Wars universe to complete a mission and make it out alive!

Step onto the main floor of the Oculus with your family and you’ll find the VOID, a virtual reality pop-up, now offering a Star Wars™: Secrets of the Empire mission experience that adults and kids will all love. Labeled as “The most immersive virtual experience. Ever”, VOID will give you a headset and vest and send the whole family off into the galaxy to complete a mission. The experience is best suited for kids 12 and older.

Upon entering VOID, you’ll place your belongings in lockers and head into a small, sealed-off room to receive your mission assignment from the commander of your rebellion. You’ll be traveling to the molten planet of Mustafar to recover Imperial Intelligence–hidden in a building filled with enemy troops–that is vital to the rebellion’s survival. The droid K-2S0 will help you navigate between spaceships, but you and your family are on your own to fight off enemies (including a giant lava monster), blast away intruders, locate the intelligence, and help save the galaxy!

The experience flies by when there’s danger around every corner, and completing the mission is no easy feat. You’ll have to work together to solve riddles and destroy your enemies. It’s an action-packed, fast-paced way to bond. There are some jolting parts of the experience, but since the VOID doesn’t allow participants to run, jump, or otherwise move in a way that could injure others, everyone will stay safe. The headsets allow for an immersive experience that is enhanced by sensory elements like smells, heat and cold sensations, smoke, and surround sound that bring all your senses deeper into the mission.

The VOID will be opening a permanent location at a later date, that will include additional experiences suitable for younger ages. For more information on tickets and what to expect, visit the VOID’s website. May the force be with you!

Jacqueline Neber

Author: Jacqueline Neber is an assistant editor and a graduate of The Writing Seminars at Johns Hopkins University. When she's not focused on writing special needs and education features, you can find her petting someone else's dog. See More

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