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Healthbarn USA to Offer Gardening Summer Camp in Ridgewood, NJ

Healthbarn USA to Offer Gardening Summer Camp in Ridgewood, NJ

The garden-to-table camp teaches kids about growing and harvesting produce.

Two years ago, Healthbarn USA, which teaches kids and adults how to harvest and cook with produce they grew, moved to its current location in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Now that its garden is in full production, Healthbarn USA will offer summer camps and classes for children ages 3-15.

The summer camp, which will be held June 18-Aug. 31, will run in weekly sessions, with a different theme each week. Some themes include Be a Chef, Be Food Scientist, Be a Farmer, and Be a Healthy Kid. Each week includes cooking, organic gardening, environmental activities, and active play. Camps are limited to 35-campers.

“Our teaching garden is completely taken care of by children, and it includes growing produce as well as composting and learning the skills to grow their own food at home,” says Stacey Antine, M.S., R.D.N, founder of Healthbarn USA. 

Healthbarn USA started with a 100-by-50-foot parcel of land that was covered with grass and had soil that was compacted and needed nourishment, according to Antine. “We have been breaking ground on cultivating an organic vegetable garden from a barren area between a barn and playground where horses used to run for exercise,” she says. “We sod cut the top off and then used an excavator to break up the soil, which felt like concrete, and then shipped in thirty-five yards of organic black compost to amend the soil and get it going. This summer we will be in full production and hope to get some bumper crops.”

The year-round classes for kids are divided by age, and are offered after school and on Saturday mornings. Healthbarn USA also offers birthday party packages and classes for adults. Adult classes include Chef Table Workshops, during which a chef prepares a meal for participants; Nutrition Workshops, during which attendees learn about health and nutrition topics; and Culinary Gatherings, during which participants prepare meals.

Main image: Healthbarn USA moved to its current location two years ago, and the garden will be in full production this summer.
Courtesy Healthbarn USA


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