Healthy Brain Network Offering Free Learning and Mental Health Evaluations for Kids

Healthy Brain Network Offering Free Learning and Mental Health Evaluations for Kids

The Healthy Brain Network is currently is offering free study-related, diagnostic language, learning, and mental health evaluations to 10,000 children ages 5-21.

“The Healthy Brain Network is part of the Child Mind Institute, an independent nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders,” said Jasmine Escalera, Ph.D., Project Manager at the Healthy Brain Network.

The goal of these evaluations is to identify children who are at risk for mental health and learning disorders. In total, it takes about 12 hours to complete, including two to four scheduled visits. They currently have over 500 enrollees.

“It includes a Psychological Interview, Neurocognitive testing, IQ and Achievement Testing, Fitness and physical health testing, questionnaires about feelings thoughts and behaviors, and brain imaging procedures,” Dr. Escalera said.  

About a month after the initial evaluation, families will receive a detailed report on their child. They can proceed by making an appointment with a clinician to go over this report. Although the Healthy Brain Network does not offer treatment, they can set families up on the path to receive any further treatment that they may need.

The goal of the Child Mind Institute is to advance the science of the developing brain, and the Healthy Brain Network is just one step towards reaching that goal. Through the Healthy Brain Network, staff hopes to give families the chance to change the face of mental health care and the world’s awareness of it.  

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Ultimately, we would like to find biological markers – brainwave signals, images, blood signatures – that will help doctors diagnose and treat mental health and learning disorders more accurately and quickly,” Dr. Escalera said. “And if, along the way, we can help families get the help and support they need for their children to be successful in school and life, then that’s a win-win.”

The Healthy Brain Network currently sees participants at three locations: 445 Park Ave., 2nd Floor, Manhattan; 1 Teleport Dr., Suite 201, Staten Island, or by using their Mobile Research Vehicle, visiting neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs.

For more information, call the Healthy Brain Network at 347-934-2880 visit

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Main image: NY Jet Brandon Marshall and his wife Michi standing in front of Healthy Brain Network's mobile research vehicle. The Marshalls are program ambassadors.