On The Blogroll: Heiddi Zalamar

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Blogging from: Manhattan

Heiddi Zalamar has been writing since she began journaling as a child. Her love of writing grew and naturally, her writing became more sophisticated as she went from childhood journals to essays, reports, and articles on various topics including parenting, family, education, business, and counseling, and now to her blog. Zalamar’s blog captures her life as a New York City single mom, bilingual therapist, and writer.

After completing an undergrad degree in organizational management, she found her calling as a therapist, and completed an advanced degree in counseling. She now works with some of New York’s neediest families. She has also been a discussion leader, which allowed her to learn about building community and expanding into the world of social media and networking events. Zalamar’s goal is to help others through her writing.

Zalamar uses her blog almost as a journal where she writes about what has been happening with her and her 12-year-old son, who she lovingly refers to as ‘Kiddo,’ as well as her thoughts and reflections on single parenting. The most compelling feature of Zalamar’s posts is her honesty and frankness about the trials and tribulations of being a single mom, like allowing Kiddo some independence by permiting him to walk to school on his own, her difficult relationship with Kiddo’s father, and her trying relationship with her immediate family.

But of course, Zalamar also blogs about the wonderful pleasures and surprises that come along with the job, like the time Kiddo, who struggles with ADHD, received second honors in school with a 90 average.

Zalamar’s blog is a great read for any parent going through similar events with their child. Her sincerity and openness about her own life, and the wonderful pictures that accompany some of the blog posts, are informative, entertaining, and touching. Melanie Shapiro