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Helping Kids Pediatrics Moved to a New Location in October 2018

Helping Kids Pediatrics Moved to a New Location in October 2018

The new location boasts easier accessibility, and homey decor.

In October 2018, Helping Kids Pediatrics, a doctor’s office that serves children from the ages of newborn-adolescent, moved from 180 Philips Hill Road to 365 S. Main St. in New City. The new location allows for more space in examining rooms, a more central location, and an overall more kid-friendly practice. The space is handicap accessible and has wheelchair ramps.

“It’s a much more open office,” says Elizabeth Jacob, M.D., pediatrician and board-certified lactation consultant. “ We’re on the main street so it’s easier access for patients from neighboring towns…. It happens to be a good fit for us.” The facility also boasts good parking, says Dr. Elizabeth Jacob.

According to Dr. Jacob, children feel inclined to continue playing in the space after they’ve been seen because they enjoy the facility so much. The area includes toys, TV screens to watch movies on, and toys to ride on as well.

Though the move has only been a few miles, it has impacted the patients greatly and proved to be more convenient for a lot of the clientele. “Patients love it and it seems to be the first thing everybody says when they come in: ‘I love the new space!’ It’s so bright, it’s very homely at the same time, because it’s kind of like a really nice house… on the outside, but when you come in, it’s a very professional-looking, modern office space,” says Dr. Stanley Jacob, M.D. “That’s the vibe that most of the parents feel like they’re getting without us even soliciting it.”

Helping Kids Pediatrics is now located at 365 S. Main St., New City. For more information visit the Helping Kids Pediatric website, call 845-499-2339, or email

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