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These are the 21 Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Kids This Year

These are the 21 Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Kids This Year

The most popular halloween costumes for kids change each year. Find out which ones are trendy for 2021 and get a jump-start on shopping.

If your child is stumped on what to be for Halloween, browse this list of the 21 most popular Halloween costumes for kids in 2021 (though, if we're being realistic, they've probably known what they wanted to be this year since last Halloween!). Whether you’re trick-or-treating, attending a costume party, or carving pumpkins in the backyard, dressing up for Halloween is a seasonal favorite that no family (not even the dog!) wants to miss out on. It gives your child the opportunity to really unleash their creativity. Plus, if people aren’t seeing you in person, you can still show off that Halloween costume on Instagram! And the good news is, there are a few brands offering adaptive Halloween costumes for kids with special needs

Here are 2021’s most popular Halloween costumes for kids, according to the style experts at Zulily, an online retailer that sells clothing, footwear, toys, and home products from a variety of brands. The site features a curated collection of Halloween-themed items and ideas that will make the holiday a fun and memorable one for the entire family! 

Popular Halloween Costumes for Kids from Movies and TV

1. Luna Lovegood

Let the magic begin transforming your little wizard into this whimsical character from Harry Potter ($29.99). Pick out a blonde wig from Party City's wide selection to really complete the outfit!

Luna Lovegood Halloween costume for kids

2. Descendants Class Uma 

Is your child obsessed with the Descendants? We have to admit, we've seen every movie a few times... This colorful and bright costume of Uma (Ursula's daughter) is perfect for your little girl. A variety of sizes are available ($19.99). And we're sure the other Descendants characters will be popular costumes, too, so it's the perfect group costume for your child and their friends!

Descendants Uma?Halloween costume for kids

3. Peter Pan's Tinkerbell

Always a classic and still going strong, this adorable costume features Tinkerbell's signature green dress and wings ($19.99). 

Tinkerbell Halloween costume for kids

4. Toy Story's Woody

This character is a kid's favorite. The costume includes everything your child needs to become a perfect Toy Story cowboy ($19.99), including Woody's signature hat! Now, they just need their best friend or sibling to dress as Buzz Lightyear!

toy story woody Halloween costume for kids

5. Darth Vader

Rubie's, a famous New York-based costume shop, makes this popular villain costume for ($28.99). It comes with Darth Vader's infamous helmet and cape, everything you need to complete your little one's perfect Halloween costume. Now to find a lightsaber...

darth vader halloween costume for kids

6. LEGO Yoda 

Be this, your child must. Your mini Star Wars fan is sure to trick a lot of people into thinking he's Yoda with this costume ($34.99)! It comes with a total of four pieces: the tunic, brown pants, green mask, and two green hands. 

lego yoda halloween costume for kids

Popular Halloween Costumes from DC and Marvel 

1. Batman

Every kid wants to be Batman for Halloween at some point. Check out this costume (22.49) featuring muscle outlines in the jumpsuit, boot tops, a headpiece and everything you need to turn your tiny but mighty tyke into this classic DC superhero!

batman halloween costume for kids

2. Wonder Woman

Girl power! Your little superhero can save the day as Wonder Woman in this adorable costume ($49.19) that's perfect for parties, trick-or-treating, imaginary play, or even just photo ops and selfies. 

wonder woman halloween costume for kids

3. Captain Marvel

Do you have a junior crime fighter at home? If so, check out this Captain Marvel costume ($19.99) from Rubie's that is great for any kid who's passionate about saving the world! The costume is lightweight, comfortable, and of course, pays tribute to a comic classic.

captain marvel halloween costume for kids

4. Venom

The villainous Venom, from Spider-Man, is another popular comic book costume this year. This costume ($29.99) features built-in muscle padding for extra effect and a fabric mask that has mesh eyes for visibility.

venom halloween costume for kids

5. Captain America

A comic book favorite, Captain America is always in style! This costume ($29.99) features pattern designs as worn by Sam Wilson in the marvel Cinematic Universe and includes built-in boot tops and gauntlets for extra effect.

captain america halloween costume for kids

Popular Halloween Costumes from Video Games

1. Minecraft Armor 

This costume is very popular (like the game) and selling out fast! So if you have a young Minecraft fan at home, be sure to shop for the armor costume ($29.27) while it's still in stock at most places.

minecraft armor halloween costume for kids

2. Minecraft Creeper

If you can't find the good guy costume, don't forget about Minecraft's villains! After all, sometimes it's fun to dress as the bad guy when you're normally not... This creeper costume ($19.94) is sure to be a hit at parties!

minecraft creeper halloween costume for kids

3. LEGO Emmet

This simple costume pays big tribute to LEGO's Emmet. This fuss-free, one-size-fits-all set ($14.99) comes with a mask and claw-shaped, LEGO-inspired gloves. Now all you need is an orange construction vest, a long-sleeved blue shirt, and jeans!

lego emmet halloween costume for kids

4. The Legend of Zelda Link

This timeless costume is a legend in its own right. Little gamers will love transforming into Link on Halloween, bringing a favorite video game character to life. The costume ($18.99) comes with tunic, hat, and belt (sword, pants, and boots not included).

legend of zelda halloween costume for kids

Classic Halloween Costumes for Kids

1. Witch

The best part about being a witch on Halloween, is that you can totally customize the costume using a variety of accessories. Maybe your little goblin likes the wide-brimmed hats. Or maybe she's into the trendy purple-y sparkly witch hats. How about makeup? Does she want the Wizard-of-Oz look with green face paint, or is she more into the fresh-face look? Maybe they want a Witch Hat with Flowers and Eyes ($14.99) or a Halloween Headband ($19.50)? And no witch is complete without a broom ($11.99)!

witch halloween costume for kids

2. Peacock Princess

How beautiful is this costume? Inspired by the colorful animal, every little girl is sure to feel like a princess in this adorable outfit ($49.99). Bonus: It'll get more use after Halloween, when your kids play dress up!

peacock princess dress halloween costume for kids

3. Frappuccino

Coffee, anyone? This absolutely adorable java getup ($19.99) is sure to make everyone smile at its cuteness! It could possibly even win a “Most Unique Costume” contest!

frappuccino halloween costume for kids

4. Firefighters

An easy costume to the rescue! This outfit has a simple design that is easy to slip on. The lightweight fabric keeps mini firefighters comfortable throughout their trick-or-treating or party adventures ($19.99)!

firefighter halloween costume for kids

5. Pumpkin Princess

This costume is beautiful, fun, and classic. But in a unique twist, the puffy orange pumpkin dress glows with integrated lighting ($24.99)! It comes with a matching hat to complete the festive look.

pumpkin princess halloween costume for kids

6. Ninja

Dress up your little champion in this ninja set ($20.25). It comes with shirt, pants, screen printed belt, hood with mask, and arm and leg wraps—everything you need for the complete ninja look!

ninja halloween costume for kids

Hottest Costumes for...Pets!

The style experts shared with us the most popular costumes for pets this year. Go wild for these adorable looks that are perfect for Fido and Fluffy!

1. Star Wars Porg

Does your little Luke Skywalker need a companion? Then look no further than this Porg Pet Costume ($14.99)! It's sure to make even the Darth Vaders of the world smile.  

star wars porg halloween costume for pets

2. Taco

Go for a little wordplay and have your cat dress up as the palindrome taco cat with this easy-to-put-on costume ($13.99-$15.99)! 

taco halloween costume for pets

3. Mail Carrier

Sure, postal workers may be the stereotypical nemesis of dogs everywhere, but they don't have to be! Honor the people who aren't stopped by sleet, snow, or rain by dressing your dog as a mail carrier for Halloween ($15.99-$17.99).

postal worker halloween costume for pets

4. Witch Hat

Every witch needs a familiar! So grab one of these witch hats ($10.99) for your cat or dog and snap the cutest pic of your little coven.

witch hat for pets halloween costume

5. Batman

If your kid is dressing up as Batman, they surely need a mini-me sidekick in the form of your family pet. Or, even better, have your kid dress up as Robin to Fido's Batman ($10.99)!

batman halloween costume for pets

Here at NYMetroParents, we've got everything you need to have a safefun, and festive fall and Halloween season.  Whether it is pumpkin or apple picking, getting lost in a corn maze, making Halloween crafts or finding costumes and decorations, we're here to help. 

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