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How Parents are Prepping for Halloween and Other Quotables

How Parents are Prepping for Halloween and Other Quotables

Our favorite quotes this October!

With Halloween just around the corner, it's time to start picking out costumes! Get some inspiration from these local moms and their Halloween ideas. We're also highlighting the best quotes from our favorite bloggers on a range of topics, from dating to raising empowered daughters. And while you're at it, have a laugh at our comic that details the impossibilities of parenthood.


What do you think your kids will be for Halloween?

“My six-year-old son, Dillon, and four-year-old son, Reed, can’t get enough of Star Wars. My husband and I are trying to influence them to dress up as a member of the Resistance, but it is looking more likely that Dillon will be a Tusken Raider and Reed will be Darth Vader!”

—Felicia Soler, Westchester

“My five-year-old daughter is obsessed with Cookie Monster (second year in a row), so she will probably wear that costume again. My seven-year-old son is thinking of being a character from his favorite video game, Fortnite.”

—Karen Ann, Rockland

“Last year, for my daughter’s first Halloween, she was a peapod. This year I was thinking some kind of a woodland animal like a fox or a raccoon. I asked my three-year-old niece what Baby Gigi should be and she said a witch. When I said I wasn’t sure about that one, she said a pumpkin without hesitation. So a pumpkin it is!”

—Amy Elliott, Brooklyn

“My daughter is four and she wants to be a fairy.”

—Cathy Como-Marcotrigiano, Queens

“A giraffe. We already have the costume because I was so excited.”

—Leslie Brachfeld Sanchez, Manhattan

“Since my one-year-old son loves airplanes, he will most likely be dressed as a pilot. My daughter? Definitely Peppa Pig! She loves everything Peppa, especially ‘Princess Peppa.’”

—Vanessa Gordon, Suffolk

“Seriously, any Fortnite character.”

—Chrissy MonteMastro, Nassau

 Encouraging Your Daughters

“Ultimately, my goal is for my girls to know that their ideas and creations are loved and valued. Whether it be a drawing, a dance move, a song they made up, or a funny-looking batch of peanut butter cookies.”

— Ilana Wiles, in a post entitled “Encouraging Creativity and Confidence in My Girls

 Dating as a Parent

“Stop putting kids first. Imagine a relationship that centers on the two of you, and all the stability and care your kids will take from that. Accept that a truly wonderful relationship only multiplies the love available to your kids—not robs them of some of yours. Because in those families, there is all the more love to go around.

— Emma Johnson, in a post entitled “Why Single Parents Should Put Their Kids Second When Dating

You Snooze or You Lose

“Anyone with a toddler who woke up a little too early, stayed up a little too late, or missed a nap knows the dreaded consequences: whines that escalate into ear-shattering screams that make you want to run away and join the circus — if that were an option. One simpler remedy is adequate sleep. In about a third of all-cases, sleep-deprived behavior is often misdiagnosed as ADHD.”

—Rebecca Kempton, JD, in an article entitled “10 Ways Good Sleep Habits Make Kids Smarter, Happier, and Healthier

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