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How to Explore NYC Parks from Home

How to Explore NYC Parks from Home

Enjoy NYC parks virtually, without risking furthering the spread of COVID-19.

Updated May 1: As warmer, sunnier weather approaches, the itch to get out and explore your favorite NYC parks is likely stronger than ever. Unfortunately, while NYC Parks are still open at this time, we have to continue to take extra precautions to keep our families healthy and safe. Also, city parks events are being canceled left and right. Luckily, we don't have to let social distancing measures stop us from enjoying our favorite NYC parks safely and virtually. With NYC Parks Department's Parks@home, you can connect to "nature" through park tours, meditation, fitness, art classes, activities for kids, and more from the comfort of your home.

Live Stream Urban Park Rangers

Every Tuesday (weather permitting), Urban Park Rangers will take you on virtual, scenic "hikes" and  nature explorations that the whole family will enjoy.

Go for Virtual Walks in the Park

While you may not be able to experience the blossom of spring in person just yet, every Wednesday (weather permitting), you can enjoy it virtually via a Live Walk in the Park. Walk through the Conservatory Gardens of Central Park, Marine Park, and even enjoy the street trees blooming in Astoria. If you miss it, you can watch past live videos on the NYC Parks Facebook page.

Take a Break and Meditate

Soothing meditation exercises with Shape Up NYC will encourage you to unwind and take a break from it all. The videos will display scenic NYC views (that we all miss!) while talking you through your breathing and thoughts. A new episode will be posted on Friday mornings on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Practice Basic Indoor Exercises

NYC Parks' recreation specialists are here to teach you basic exercises you can do right in your kitchen (yup, your kitchen). They're perfect for beginners, talking you through exercises like assisted lunges, skull crushers, assisted squats, assisted push-ups, and more.

Learn Gardening Tips

Whether your home garden is on your windowsill, backyard, or in a room in your home, NYC Parks' horticulture experts can help you care for your plants with tips and tricks like growing native plants, house plant decor, good potting, and more. Community gardeners are also hosting a series of online workshops to keep your community gardens flourishing will maintaining safety protocols.  

Get to Know NYC Wildlife 

Every Wednesday, images of and fun facts about the animals that call NYC home will be posted on Twitter, along with updates as to what they're doing right now. Make it a game by seeing which of these NYC critters you can spot from your window.

Walk Through the Cherry Blossoms

This Sunday, May 3 at 3pm, Brooklyn Botanic Garden is taking us on a walk through the Cherry Esplanade and Cherry Walk to enjoy cherry blossom season from home. You can watch the hi res stream on Facebook Live and

Watch the Barn Cam

At 4pm every day on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, the Queens County Farm Museum shows a sneak peek inside the historic farm until it can reopen to the public. Learn what crops they're planting this season, meet barn animals, and more.

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