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10 Ways to Help Build Your Son's Self-Esteem When He Has ADHD

With boys affected by ADHD, many have low self-esteem. Authors of "Raising Boys with ADHD" share tips on how parents can help their sons strengthen and build their self-esteem.

10 Ways to Help Build Your Son's Self-Esteem When He Has ADHD

1. When age-appropriate, explain his ADHD and help him understand it.

Raising Boys with ADHD book2. Engage him in extracurricular activities (such as music, art, drama, sports, computers) where he can find success.

3. Be aware of your positive-to-negative comment ratio, and increase your genuine praise.

4. Try to reduce family conflict by establishing routine, consistency, and structure.

5. Help him identify and build at least one good friendship.

6. Identify a mentor (at school, within a club or other organization) who takes a special interest in your son and helps build him up.

7. Work with a counselor.

8. If you have not already done so, establish daily (or at least weekly) communication with your son’s teacher.

9. Make sure you have a workable homework plan in place.

10. Provide supports to help him grow in his ability to self-regulate his behavior.

James W. Forgan, Ph.D., is a parent of a young son with ADHD  and a licensed school psychologist. Mary Anne Richey, M.S., is a parent of an adult son with ADHD and a licensed school psychologist. This article was reprinted from their book “Raising Boys with ADHD: Secrets for Parenting Healthy, Happy Sons“ (©Sourcebooks 2012).

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How to Help Build Your Son's Self-Esteem When He Has ADHD

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