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5 Ways to Involve Your Nanny in Holiday Celebrations

5 Ways to Involve Your Nanny in Holiday Celebrations

Talking about the holidays with your nanny will ensure no one's feelings are hurt.

Holidays are an important time for your family and your nanny, but taking the time to think ahead, discuss, and plan properly will help ensure your nanny feels appreciated and knows your expectations during the holiday season. Gifts are an important way of acknowledging your nanny over the holidays, but more important is the effort and respect you show in ensuring everyone has the opportunity to comfortably celebrate the holidays.

Here are five ways you can involve your nanny in your family’s holiday celebrations.

Encourage your kids to talk and ask questions.

A nanny’s stories of how she celebrates the holidays will be met with enthusiasm, and the kids will gain from learning about her faith.

Acknowledge each other’s faiths.

This provides the opportunity to talk openly about upcoming celebrations and plan in advance.

Invite your nanny to participate in your family’s holiday celebrations.

Your kids may be thrilled to introduce her to traditional Jewish foods if you celebrate Hanukkah, or perhaps your family has a special Christmas or Kwanzaa tradition your kids want to share. If you prefer that your nanny not be present during your family’s holiday celebrations, the best way to prevent misunderstandings or bruised feelings is to talk about your expectations with her in advance. 

If there are differences in faith or observance, you and she should identify and discuss what are acceptable traditions to share.

Create a holiday schedule.

It should clearly show when your nanny will and won’t be working. Give her ample opportunity to make her holiday plans, and offer to help her make arrangements if needed. Consider giving her additional paid days off around the holidays, like Christmas Eve, to make sure she doesn’t lose any wages.

Encourage her and the kids to plan their own holiday party.

They can enjoy some special time together and exchange gifts. Decisions should be made with your nanny’s input and consent so that everyone feels at ease with the holiday plan.

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