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DIY: Jar Terrariums

DIY: Jar Terrariums

A guide to making terrariums in Mason jars

One of the best ways to use a large jar is to transform it into a terrarium. I love succulents and they have made a real comeback recently. What better way to display them than with fun pink flamingos and decorative white sand—a mini beach scene for your table! In the smaller jar, a gold-painted dinosaur roars out from a succulent forest—I think the little ones in your life will appreciate this one. Make sure your jar is big enough for your plant to grow, so search the supermarket shelves for the biggest jar they have!

Editor’s note: We love this idea for showing your valentine how much they mean to you!

You Will Need

  • Large glass jars
  • Pebbles
  • Potting compost
  • Small plants, such as succulents
  • Decorative fine white sand
  • Small pebbles or gravel
  • Little ornaments


  1. Start by placing a layer of pebbles in the base of your jar—this will help with drainage and will prevent the potting compost from becoming waterlogged.
  2. Put a layer of potting compost on top and position your plants.
  3. Top with more potting compost, firming it in around the base of the plant, then add a layer of decorative sand or pebbles.
  4. Place your chosen ornaments around the plants for a whimsical effect.
  5. Water the plants very carefully, trying not to disturb the sand or pebbles. Succulents and cacti make a good plant choice as they require little watering.


crafting with mason jars Crafting with Mason Jars by Hester Van Overbeek, CICO Books, $19.95. Photography by CICO Books.


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