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This Travel Planner Helps Families Build Accessible Trips

This Travel Planner Helps Families Build Accessible Trips

I Love NY’s website now has a hub for families looking to take accessible trips within New York State.

The Americans with Disabilities Act turns 30 this year and to celebrate, I Love NY has created the Accessible New York hub, a site where New Yorkers can access all of the programming, experiences, and opportunities the state has to offer to individuals with disabilities. The website provides several detailed articles packed with information about museums, hiking trails, and other places families can visit that are wheelchair-friendly and accessible to children with autism or other developmental disabilities. iThe articles spare no detail in describing how each of these sites engage with people of all ages and abilities.

I Love NY’s Accessible New York hub also includes a feature that allows you to create your own trip. This drop-down search menu allows you to check off filters like activity category, region in New York, city, and amenities to build your family’s ideal, accessible trip.

For example, if your family is looking for areas to experience nature in Binghamton that are wheelchair accessible, the hub will help you narrow down your options. If you’re looking for a sports and gaming center in Cooperstown that has accommodations for individuals who are deaf/hard of hearing, the hub has plenty of options for that too. You can play around with the features to build the exact trip you’re looking for, or browse the website to find inspiration.

When you choose a site, the website offers a brief list of information about the location including the address, contact information, history, and the accommodations the location offers. You also have the option to add your favorite accessible sites to a trip builder and so all of your favorite locations are saved in one place, kind of like a Netflix watchlist but with accessible locations in New York.

The Americans with Disabilities Act was founded to prevent “discrimination on the basis of disability in employment.” The act also prevents people with disabilities from facing unequal treatment in public activities (including government and public transportations), telecommunications, and public accommodations (which include facilities such as restaurants, hotels, and doctor’s offices).




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