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iFLY Indoor Skydiving Opens in Paramus, NJ

iFLY Indoor Skydiving Opens in Paramus, NJ

iFLY Indoor Skydiving is scheduled to open its first New Jersey location in Paramus today, on Friday, April 13, according to officials.

Located on Route 4 at the site of the now-demolished Forum Diner, iFLY will provide the full experience of a real skydive, minus jumping out of the plane and falling through the sky.

“Our mission is to deliver the dream of flight to everybody, starting at the age of 3,” said David Kirchhoff, CEO of iFLY, in a press release. “Since 1998, more than nine million customers worldwide have experienced human flight at iFLY in a variety of ways: as a first time or repeat flyer on a fun excursion with family and friends; a student on an educational Science, Technology, Engineering  and Math (STEM) field trip; a professional skydiver or member of the military for training; a birthday party guest; or a corporate customer looking for a unique team-building activity. Thanks to iFLY, flying is finally available to everyone.”

Participants begin their indoor skydiving experience with a training course provided by an iFLY safety and flight instructor. Afterward, they are given safety gear, which includes goggles and a flight suit. Participants are then led to the flight chamber with their instructor and enter by leaning into a soft air cushion.

Flight school classes are also available for kids ages 4-16 and adults who wish to begin training for the sport of bodyflight.

“My team and I are pumped to share the dream of flight at our new location,” said Michael Zanetti, general manager for iFLY Paramus in a press release. “Every day is a new adventure at the tunnel. Flying is a life-changing experience for people no matter what their age, and all of us at iFLY are excited about making dreams come true.”

For more information about flying packages and iFLY, visit flyworld.com/paramus.