Embark on an Interactive Theater Show for Kids Through Central Park

Embark on an Interactive Theater Show for Kids Through Central Park

Imagine strolling through Central Park when suddenly, a magical fairy appears, asking to help find seven teeth for his cousin, the Tooth Fairy. It sounds farfetched, but not if you suspend belief because anything is possible in this interactive theater experience.

Accomplice the Show is a different kind of theater performance that combines improvisation with a scavenger hunt, all while roaming the streets of New York City. It’s sort of like a walking tour meets imaginative, comedic storytime, and is a unique way to walk through the city.

Starting this month, Accomplice is introducing a new children’s story called The Quest for the Seven Teeth. Franklin, the Tooth Fairy’s cousin, needs to replace seven teeth that he lost, and employs children in the group to help him in Central Park.

This two-hour show is designed for children ages 5-8 to solve puzzles by playing games and making crafts, imploring kids to expand their imaginations and creativity.

Betsy Salamon, founder and producer of Accomplice, created the theater group in 2004. The group has four shows and gained recognition from celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris and Howard Stern. Some of the shows include a crime story in Lower Manhattan, a superhero story on the Upper East Side, and a missing person case in Greenwich Village. Salamon explained that saw the opportunity to create a kids-only show as a birthday party idea, and a way to have the kids stay off of their electronic devices.

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“We intentionally blur the lines between what is real and what is contrived and, in doing so, allow audiences to suspend their actual lives and play along,” Salamon says in a statement. 

Unlike a dinner theater, there are no surprises or twists that might startle or scare you along the way. The actors may rehearse their lines, but they are also quick on their feet (figuratively and literally) to improvise any unforeseen situation that might come up without breaking character.

As of now, bookings for The Quest for the Seven Teeth are limited to private groups of 10 children with five accompanying adults for $1,000. Preview dates for this show are on Sunday, June 5 at 1pm, and June 19 and 26 at 12pm and 1pm for $40.

For more information on other shows—such as the other new, ladies-only story based on Cinderella called The Quest for the Missing Slipper—visit accomplicetheshow.com.

Above photo: Kids are led through Central Park in The Quest for the Seven Teeth.
Photo courtesy of Accomplice the Show 

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