The JEI Learning Center Opens New Location in Hicksville

The JEI Learning Center Opens New Location in Hicksville

The JEI Learning Center, famous for teaching children the philosophy of self-learning, has a new location in Hicksville, NY.

The JEI Self-Learning Method focuses on providing children with individualized attention on a one on one basis. Personalized learning targets areas in each child that show difficulties in certain subjects.

“The school’s philosophy of teaching sets us apart,” Franchise Business Consultant, Christine See, said. “The school focuses on a child’s needs instead of generalizing what a child has to learn when they reach a certain grade.”

JEI’s learning curriculum is like a diagnostic test. When a child finishes an exam, the school can see where the child is struggling in a given subject. JEI currently has five different programs: math, problem solving, English, reading & writing, and critical thinking.

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JEI Learning Center’s high quality education will support and facilitate your child’s academic success. Thus, giving your child the key to a better life.

JEI Learning Center is located at 336 W. Old Country Road in Hicksville. For more information call 917-815-0977 or visit

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