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Jen Rudin Casting Offers Kids Improv and Audition Workshops

Jen Rudin Casting, LLC, a company that offers classes and tips for children wishing to become professional actors, will offer improv and audition workshops for kids beginning in January.

child during mock audition

A Jen Rudin Casting student records her mock audition during a workshop as practice so she may receive critique and learn from the feedback.

Starting Jan. 25, Jen Rudin Casting, LLC will be offering its first three-week coaching sessions at the National Opera Center of America. The workshops are available in two levels and train children in improvisation or auditioning.

Children ages 10-17 can join Improv 101, Improv 201, Pilot Season Panic, or Pilot Season Panic, Level 2 to improve their acting and auditioning skills. During Improv 101 and 201, students practice character studies in a “freeing” and playful environment with assisted direction from professional casting and production directors. Improv 101 and 201 run from 11:30am-1pm.

Pilot Season Panic sessions aim to teach children how to prepare for an audition. The sessions break down scripts, paying close attention to grammar, and teach children what to do when handed a script for the first time at a casting call. Children also practice mock auditions. These auditions are recorded and given to the children to review and learn from. Both levels of Pilot Season Panic run from 2-3:30pm.

Jen Rudin Casting, LLC recommends pairing Improv 101 with Pilot Season Panic or Improv 201 with Pilot Season Panic, Level 2 so that children can directly learn how to apply improvisation with their auditioning technique. Children interested in joining Improv 201 or Pilot Season Panic, Level 2 must be pre-approved by the casting teaching staff. All classes will take place Jan. 25, Feb. 1, and Feb. 8.

Casting director, author, and owner Jen Rudin says her company’s mission and teaching philosophy is to provide helpful tips and tricks for young actors to master the challenges of auditioning.