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Academic Coach Develops Method to Overcome Emotional and Behavioral Issues

Academic Coach Develops Method to Overcome Emotional and Behavioral Issues

John Montgomery, Ph.D., is using his unique Homeostasis Psychology method to help students overcome challenges that may stop them from reaching their full academic potential.

Homeostasis Psychology is a method developed by Dr. Montgomery that focuses on the often-unconscious addictions the brain has to unhealthy behaviors. Emotional blocks like procrastination, test-taking anxiety, and lack of confidence and focus are addressed on an individualized basis.

In addition to the therapy and counseling services Dr. Montgomery already offers, his Academic Coaching service specializes in helping students overcome specific emotional and behavioral issues that hinder academic success.

“Most tutors are just not qualified to deal with larger emotional blocks and issues,” Dr. Montgomery says. “As a certified therapist who also has experience as a tutor, I specialize in using the tutoring process to help them through these blocks which specifically apply to their academic pursuits.”

Dr. Montgomery, a psychology professor at New York University, provides tools that help students disengage from destructive thought and behavior patterns. Students will also receive help with schoolwork (when needed). He has over 20 years of experience as a tutor in a variety of subjects from math and English to SAT prep.

The Homeostasis Psychology Academic Coaching service is available to students in the New York City and Westchester area.  

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Main image: John Montgomery, Ph.D. is now offering academic coaching.
John Montgomery, Ph.D.