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Spanish Immersion Preschool to Open in Park Slope

Spanish Immersion Preschool to Open in Park Slope

Juguemos a Cantar is opening a new preschool in January 2017, in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Juguemos a Cantar is primarily a Spanish immersion center, where children ages 6 months-17 are taught entirely in Spanish, learning the language while partaking in academics, games, socialization, and more. it offers programs such as day school, preschool, after-school programs, summer camp options, and various activities and courses.  

The new preschool, a Total Spanish Immersion program for children ages 2-5, will offerg tours starting in September for families interested in beginning the January 2017 school year. It's offering morning programs, afternoon programs, full-day programs, and extended hours at the new location.

Alejandra Novillo, founder and executive director of Juguemos a Cantar, said that there are all kinds of activities and classes offered at the new location, on top of the dual language program. These are offered for not only children but adults as well.

“We teach Spanish to kids and their families and usually they try most of our programs – preschool, classes, after-school, summer camp – and they usually stay with us until they’re 9 or 10 years old and in elementary school,” Novillo said.

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She said that some of the children enter the school with a Spanish background, from hearing their elders speak the language, but others come because they are interested in speaking another language and becoming bilingual. 

Additionally, all of the teachers at the schools are bilingual, and many native Spanish speakers, as the school’s requirements are very selective when looking at language and vocabulary skills in instructors.

For more information, call Juguemos a Cantar at 917-453-1187, ot visit at

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