In the Magazine: July 2018

In the Magazine: July 2018

See what's happening in NYMP's July 2018 issues!

Take a look inside NYMetroParents' July issue, also known as the Annual All-in-One Resource Guide! In the July issues of Rockland Parent, Bergen•Rockland Parent, Westchester Parent, Brooklyn Parent, Queens Parent, Big Apple Parent, and Long Island Parent, you'll find checklists to help make your life as a parent easier, from what info to leave for the baby sitter, choosing and installing a car seat, and baby proofing your home, to preparing for back-to-school season, applying to college, and planning a birthday party. Plus, you'll also find guides to local businesses, from doctors and dentists, to schools and after-school activities, to family activities and summer camps. And, since we love having fun with our kids, we've also included our comprehensive family activities calendar for July, as well as guides to amusement parks, beaches, and strawberry farms in the New York metro area.

Checklists to Make Parenting Easier

Choosing and Installing a Car Seat

child in a car seat

Car seat regulations are hard to keep up with and manage, especially because they are constantly changing and are different state to state. Shane Bland, certified car seat safety technician through Safe Kids Worldwide Westchester, and Greg Durocher, CEO and child passenger safety technician instructor at Safe Ride 4 Kids, share information for properly purchasing, installing, and putting your child in a car seat.

Important Information to Leave for Your Babysitter

child baking with a babysitter

In a world of constantly checking your cellphone, tracking your kids down via satellite, and nanny cams, it can be easy to forget to give your babysitter all of the information she may need when watching your kids. Give this info to your sitter to ensure that no question goes unanswered for everything from emergency contact info to your child’s favorite bedtime story.

The Ultimage Birthday Party Planning Timeline

kids at a birthday party

Kids may look forward to their birthday parties all year long, but let’s face it: For many of us, planning that party can be stressful, yet another project in our already hectic lives. It can feel overwhelming even before you consider kids’ high expectations for the perfect birthday. But don’t panic—we are here to help! 

A Month-by-Month Timeline to Plan Your Child's Best Summer Camp Experience

kids around a campfire

Kids go to camp in the summer, but selecting a camp and getting your child excited for it are tasks that should be on your radar during the entire year. Spending a little time each month on prep work will pay off during the warm-weather months, when your child is at a camp that’s in line with his needs and interests, and having a wonderful time.

How to Make Going Back to School Easier on the Whole Family

boy boarding a school bus

Before you know it, your child will be headed to school again. Will those first weeks back in class be a calm or hectic time for your family? Some easy back-to-school tips can make all the difference. Preparing for a new school year is pretty simple, but the sooner you start, the better off your child—and you—will be.

A Grade-by-Grade Timeline for Applying to College

teens graduating from high school

Helping your child figure out her future education plans can seem like a daunting task, from taking the PSAT, SAT, or ACT to writing essays and going on college tours and interviews. Starting the college planning process early can help your child be better organized, less stressed, make more informed decisions, and even get into a better school.

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Emergency Supplies Everyone Should Have in Their Home

emergency supplies for the home

Eighty percent of Americans live in a county that’s been hit by a weather-related disaster—but only about half of us have emergency supplies in place, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Don’t be unprepared! Compile the items in this FEMA-approved list and keep them in a secure, dry place; they’ll help keep your family safe and comfortable in the case of an adverse event.

Do You Know Where These Important Documents Are?

couple looking at important documents

Keeping your important papers organized can make everyday tasks like applying for a loan or changing your address easier. And in emergencies, being able to locate vital documents is absolutely critical.

All-in-One Resource Guides

Find all the businesses and resources you need for your family, from after-school activities and schools, to doctors, dentists, and health care providers, to summer camps, sports programs, and family activities.

Resources for Families in Rockland and Bergen Counties

Resources for Families in Westchester County

Resources for Families in Brooklyn

Resources for Families in Queens

Resources for Families in Manhattan

Resources for Families on Long Island 

Things to Do

Family Activities Calendar

kid painting outside

Search our comprehensive family activities calendar to find something fun to do with your kids every day this month, from free movie screenings, arts and crafts, and fairs and festivals, to theater, concerts, and fun in the great outdoors!

Where-To Guide: Amusement Parks

family riding rollercoaster

Zoom over thrilling rollercoasters, plunge into the splashy waters on a log flume adventure, and win fun prizes at the ring toss booth. Our guide to amusement parks covers all the excitement your family needs this summer all within reach of the New York Metro area. 

Where-To Guide: Beaches

coney island beach

It’s time to feel the sand between your toes! Pack up an umbrella, some chairs, a picnic, and a good book, and hit the beach with the kids. We’ve got all of your local sandy spots to enjoy a sunny day this summer, so why hesitate? There’s an entire ocean out there waiting for you to splash around. 

Where-To Guide: Strawberry Farms

kids picking strawberries

Summer is upon us and that means a whole bunch of mouthwatering fruit will be in season, and that includes strawberries. Strawberries are at peak freshness from June to July, and there are many ways to enjoy this in-season fruit with festivals, fairs, and berry-focused activities.