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In the Magazine: June 2018

In the Magazine: June 2018

A look into our June 2018 issue.

Check out our June 2018 issue to find fun ways to fight summer slide, protect your home while you are traveling, planning a vacation on a budget, ensure your teen is properly equipped with basic life skills before college, and the benefits of daddy-baby bonding. Also see our picks to enjoy the summer including where to visit amusement parks, beaches, carousels, and strawberry festivals; how to tie-dye a shirt using frozen cubes of dye; tips to travel with your pet; our calendar of activities; and a story about a mom who learned how to be more mindful after her toddler flushed her phone.


Summer Fun

Visit These Fun Places to Prevent Summer Slide

Piermont Marsh

Keep your kids entertained while learning something new all season long.


Family Life

How to Plan a Family Vacation on a Budget

Traveling on a Budget

Make the most of your vacation while spending less.

10 Things to Do to Protect Your Home When Your Family Is on Vacation

Protect Your Home For Vacation

These ten tasks will keep your house safe—and give you peace of mind.


Things to Do

Family Fun in Manhattan in June

Egg Rolls Egg Creams and Empanadas Festival

The four can’t-miss events happening this month in Manhattan.

Family Activities Calendar

Find tons of fun things to do in your area in June by searching our comprehensive calendar of kid and family events.

Summertime Shine

Strawberry Farms

Amusement Parks


Weekend plans? Get local family events delivered to your inbox.


Strawberry Festivals

A Cool Way to Tie-Dye T-Shirts

Tie-Dye T-Shirt

Use frozen dye to design your own tie-dye T-shirt.


Raising Kids

What to Know About Traveling with Your Pet

Traveling with Pets

The five things every family should know about traveling with their furry friend.

How I Became a More Mindful Parent When My Daughter Flushed My Phone

Valerie Goldstein and Family

What this mom learned after her toddler flushed her phone down the toilet.

Tips to Help Fathers Bond with Their Babies

Dad and Baby Bonding

How fathers can form close ties with a newborn to cultivate a relationship with lasting benefits.

How Can I Help Prepare My Teen for College Life?

Teen Going Off to College

Help your teen get ready for—and succeed in—his first year of higher education.

How Moms Stay Cool for the Summer and Other Quotables

Geanine Cilenti

What moms around the New York City region how they plan to spend summer with their own kids, along with other quotables.

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