Kids Ages 3-6 Can Now Have Fun Too at Adventure Park on Long Island

Kids Ages 3-6 Can Now Have Fun Too at Adventure Park on Long Island

The new Adventure Playground has some the features of Adventure Park in miniature–perfect for little ones who can’t wait to have fun.

Until now, kids ages 3-6 have not been allowed to experience the fun of Adventure Park in Wheatley Heights–the bridges and zip lines between trees that provide a challenging obstacle course for adults and older kids were off limits. However, the park debuted Adventure Playground, a challenging space made just for younger kids, on July 25. Kids do not need to wear harnesses to conquer the playground’s obstacles.

Adventure Playground includes some of the elements of Adventure Park, including unusual steps, bridges, and three exciting tree houses to explore. One tree house is suspended and sways with kids’ weight to add to the fun. Little climbers can also have fun on a swirly slide, scrambling across netting that looks like a big spider’s web, and climbing through or hiding in a big barrel perfect for hide-and-seek. Parents are welcome to supervise kids on the playground–or just provide support to help the littlest challengers accomplish a new feat.

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When kids turn seven, they can experience Adventure Park in full. The park is a maze of aerial treetop trails that connect platforms in the trees to create one big adventure full of crossings, zip lines, obstacles, color-coded paths to choose from depending on difficulty, and a million different ways for families to challenge each other. Climbers are always locked into double-secured safety harnesses. For the kids who are still too young, though, Adventure Park just became much more inclusive. Families no longer have to leave their littlest members out of the fun–Adventure Park brings fun within reach for everyone.

Main Image: Adventure Playground. Courtesy of Adventure Park

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