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Kids Can Experience 2 New Thrill Rides at Coney Island This Summer

Kids Can Experience 2 New Thrill Rides at Coney Island This Summer

The Atlantic Aviator and Clockworkz debuted at Luna Park on June 2.

Families have a new reason to revisit Coney Island this summer–two new rides that offer unique experiences no matter what kind of thrill kids are seeking. The Atlantic Aviator and Clockworkz made their Luna Park debuts on June 2, following in the footsteps of popular rides like the Coney Island Cyclone and the Thunderbolt. Atlantic Aviator and Clockworkz are both classified as High Thrill rides that are suited for families.

Clockworkz is making its global debut this summer. This ride towers 33 feet in the air and rotates on a vertical axis while its arm swing in circles, holding riders in an upright position as they soar through the air. The ride can hold 32 people at once so the whole family can ride together.

Atlantic Aviator, meanwhile, towers over Clockworkz at 51 feet tall–and goes even faster. The ride mimics the feel and experience of an acrobatic airplane flight, looping and diving as it moves upward to give riders a pilot-like sensation. Atlantic Aviator can accommodate up to 24 riders.

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“Each season, our goal is to deliver the best thrills to our local community, as well as the tourists that continue to visit year after year,” said Alessandro Zamperla, President of Central Amusement International. “With the celebration of a new summer season and a fresh beginning for two new rides, we are excited to grow and to continue to provide quality entertainment for the millions of visitors that come through every year. We look forward to embracing the legacy of Coney Island by bringing new and exhilarating attractions like Clockworkz and Atlantic Aviator to Luna Park.”

Throughout the summer, families can expect more new rides, entertainment showcases, and games throughout Luna Park. The park will also offer new craft food and drinks so there is something for everyone to enjoy. Luna Park is the largest and arguably most iconic amusement park in the city, with a history on Coney Island that stretches back more than 130 years.