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Kids Can See Broadway Shows for Free on February 25, 2020

Kids Can See Broadway Shows for Free on February 25, 2020

Tickets will first go on sale in December–sign up for the Broadway Fan Club to be the first to know exactly when!

The Broadway League announced that kids will be able to see Broadway shows for free during Kids’ Night on Broadway on February 25, 2020. The event is open to kids 18 and younger accompanied by a full-paying adult. Scoring a Kids’ Night on Broadway ticket will also get you access to restaurant discounts, parking discounts, and in-theatre activities for kids–such as talkbacks, activity books, and more–at select shows. Kids attending their first Broadway show during this special event can get a “My First Broadway Show” sticker to place on their clothes or playbills.

All guests participating in Kids’ Night on Broadway must have a ticket to shows, which will go on sale in December. Kids can sign up to be part of the Broadway Fan Club to be the first to know when they go on sale–and for which shows! Not knowing what they’re going to be able to see–will it be a classic like The Lion King?–could be part of the fun for little ones, especially kids who have never seen a show before.

This special night for young Broadway fans will also take place in multiple cities across the country, with different shows and venues putting their own spin on the fun throughout the year. For more information on how to sign up for the Broadway Fan Club, where to get your tickets, details about kids’ activities at certain theaters, “My First Broadway Show” stickers, and more, visit the Kids’ Night on Broadway website, and get ready to have fun on February 25!

Main Image: Courtesy Broadway

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