Kumon Centers of Manhattan Offer Math Program Discount

Kumon Centers of Manhattan Offer Math Program Discount

Kumon Centers of Manhattan* are offering a 50-percent discount on registration for their math program in September.

The math program, for children ages 3-18, uses Kumon’s specialized worksheets to help build math skills. Some of the topics covered include counting, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, order of operations, graphs, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. 

At Kumon each student is given a free placement test in order to receive an individualized lesson plan that best suits his or her learning needs and abilities. Parents are invited to an orientation where they will review the results of this test with the center’s instructor. 

It is Kumon’s aim to create confident, self-motivated, lifelong learners. The centers offer flexible scheduling for students and their families. Students attend Kumon twice a week and are given assignments they must complete at home.

“Each student progresses at his or her own pace through an individualized worksheet lesson plan established by his or her instructor. The worksheets provide examples of how to solve each problem, enabling students to figure out new concepts on their own,” says Sean Lyon, center director of Kumon of Chelsea.

Kumon also has an incentive program, Kumon+, in which students can earn points for every complete month that they are enrolled. Points can be traded for rewards such as microscopes, games, or sports equipment. Students can also donate their points to charity.

*See website or inquire for participating locations

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Main image: Kumon aims to create confident, self-motivated, lifelong learners.
Courtesy Kumon Centers of Manhattan