Kweller Prep to Launch After-School Program

Kweller Prep to Launch After-School Program

Kweller Prep will offer an after-school program at the Forest Hills and Midtown locations, starting in September.

Kweller Prep is launching an after-school program for students in fifth through seventh grades, which is scheduled to start Sept. 12 at the Queens and Manhattan locations.

The new program will concentrate on helping students with their English language arts and math homework, in hopes of building a strong foundation in preparation for specialized high school entrance exams.

“We have one of the highest success rates in all of NYC in terms of getting kids accepted into specialized middle schools and specialized high schools," says Frances Kweller, Attorney and founder of Kweller Prep. "We have a competitive edge in that we offer an unsurpassed high quality academic environment. Everything we do at Kweller is stellar."

Kweller Prep is a tutoring and educational services business that has been around for more than 15 years. Its goal is to offer resources and educational help to students who are committed and want to accelerate in their studies. Kweller Prep offers numerous programs to prepare students in third through 12th grades for competitive school entrances and exams. It offers tutoring and educational programs for Hunter College High School, specialized high schools, and SAT exams. 

“A student who wants to attend Kweller Prep does not have to have a 90 or higher average. That student must have the commitment, the drive, and the desire to want to do better in school to improve. As long as there is the drive and the desire, we will accept the student into the program,” Kweller says.  

Kweller Prep aims to prepare students for the future. This will be the 10th year it will take students on college tours, starting as early as seventh or eighth grade. Kweller Prep strives to help kids understand what the end goal is.

“Students who originally score [level] twos on their English language arts exam study at Kweller and then score [level] fours at the end of our program," Kweller says. "These are kids who needed the right environment, atmosphere, and the right infrastructure, and that combination at Kweller really made the difference."

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Main image: Kweller Prep serves students in third through 12th grades.
Courtesy Kweller Prep