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LAC Early Childhood Center Provides Safe Environment for Learners

LAC Early Childhood Center Provides Safe Environment for Learners

Name of school: LAC Early Childhood Center

Grades: 3 months-5 years old

Size of student body: 7, with more enrolled in the coming months

Educational approach: “We believe a child’s earliest years should be a time filled with new stimuli and novel experiences that drive cognitive, social, and physical growth and development, pulling from the children’s natural interests and curiosities about the world around them,” says teacher Tricia Lay. Children’s natural interests are what guide the learning at LAC. The teachers are in tune with the children’s curiosity and build upon it in an educational way. They aim to adjust the curriculum to meet students where they are at and not vice versa. “Here at LAC Early Childhood Center we use the STEAM curriculum and Beet Box (a subscription food-education service) for science to educate and retain our children. We also teach classes in English and other languages simultaneously,” says Educational Director Juanita Fuller. Care and a feeling of safety are of the utmost importance in all the school’s teachings. “We believe that children must be valued, respected, and nurtured as individuals. It is our mission to help children develop physically, socially, and emotionally in a warm and loving environment. It is our role as educators to enhance children’s educational development and respect their cultural backgrounds,” says teacher Bella Chiquito.

What makes the school unique: “We have a nurturing staff that enjoys teaching and is dedicated to student achievement. We offer very flexible hours, flexible payment plans, extended hours, a new facility, and small class sizes. LAC Early Childhood Center is big enough to adequately educate your child, but yet small enough to allow your child to benefit from small class size instruction,” says Fuller. Classroom objectives are always clearly posted on the classroom message board for parents to see what their children are learning and working on curriculum-wise. Students are encouraged to learn through activities such as dramatic play, circle time, center times, and other incorporated 1-on-1 activities. 


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