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Legoland May Be Coming to Ramapo

Legoland May Be Coming to Ramapo

Folks in the Ramapo area in Suffern County, take notice. A new Legoland theme park opening on the East Coast is in the works, and Ramapo may be its brand new home. Major executives from Merlin Entertainments (Legoland’s owners) are seriously eyeing the site where the Novartis plant used to be, plus 67 additional acres of nearby land for a new $250 million dollar Legoland attraction. The former Novartis plant is located at 25 Old Mill Rd.

Initially, Legoland’s Merlin Entertainments sought out Letchworth Village in Haverstraw for the desired site of the new Legoland development, but too much traffic and overcrowding concerns worried nearby residents and council people from the area. Eventually, plans were dropped due to too much backlash.

However, Suffern County Mayor, Ed Markunas, is quite excited about the thought of a new Legoland in the Ramapo area. He believes it will have a positive impact on the area’s job growth, help with much needed financial gains for the area, generate millions in sales tax, and the area will reap other related benefits. 

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Ramapo Town Supervisor, Christopher St. Lawrence said, "They've [Legoland] always liked Rockland County. The proximity to New York City is very important to them. Access to the site from the Thruway would be a key issue."

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