Lexington Children's Center in East Harlem Adds Yoga Classes

Lexington Children's Center in East Harlem Adds Yoga Classes

The East Harlem day care is now offering weekly yoga sessions for children ages 2-5 at the center.

Lexington Children's Center, a day care located in East Harlem, is now offering weekly 45-minute yoga classes led by a certified yoga instructor for children ages 2-5 at the center. The yoga sessions started on July 3. During yoga class, the children learn beginner yoga poses, which can include cat pose and other gentle postures. 

With some extra money in her budget this year, education director Rosa Gillece decided to start offering yoga, a mind and body practice that includes physical postures, because she thought it would be a good fit. According to Gillece, the sessions are not only fun for the children, but help them develop their social skills.  

“It's really good for socialization,” Gillece says. “The kids really enjoy it.” 

Other activities children can participate in at Lexington Children's Center include art and a music program, which was designed by Diller-Quaile, a school of music and arts in Manhattan.

The Lexington Children's Center welcomes both private clients and those who receive city funding. It has a free all-day universal pre-K program funded by the New York City Board of Education. The center accepts 20 children each year into the program. All participants must be New York City residents. According to Gillece, it's important to offer pre-K because it prepares children for kindergarten.

Established in 1951, Lexington Children's Center works to meet the needs of a culturally diverse population and is licensed by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

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Main image: Lexington Children's Center is an early childhood program in East Harlem that serves children ages 2-5.
Courtesy Lexington Children's Center