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Exclusive Music Video Premiere: Lisa Loeb's 'Inch Worm'

Exclusive Music Video Premiere: Lisa Loeb's 'Inch Worm'

We also spoke with Lisa Loeb about her new album!

Lisa Loeb is a singer-songwriter, producer, and author who started her career with the No. 1 hit song “Stay (I Missed You)” from the movie, Reality Bites. She recently released Lullaby Girl, a children's album, which features arrangements of classic songs, as well as two original songs. 

We talked with Loeb about her new album, below. Also, we are lucky enough to be able to premiere the music video for her song "Inch Worm." Scroll down to take a look!

Tell us the inspiration behind you new album, Lullaby Girl
I originally wanted to make a kids' album that mirrored Nursery Rhyme Parade!, an album of over 30 classic songs played in a simple, beautiful style. As we began to develop the record, we took a big turn and ended up making an album of standards, songs from many eras, and favorites of mine that fit thematically into lullaby themed records for grownups, which kids might also enjoy. I’ve always wanted to make a record like this with Larry Goldings, ever since we recorded “Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries” for my dad’s birthday in a very traditional style. This is it!

How did you choose which songs to remake, including "Inch Worm?” 
We wanted songs that thematically fit the concept, songs that felt like lullaby songs, and “Inch Worm” was one of my favorite songs from when I was little.  

And the original songs...what was the process like creating those? 
We loved making songs that were like standards. I wrote a song with Cliff Goldmacher when I was in Nashville visiting his studio. It was a song inspired by the phone conversation I had with my daughter to tell her goodnight. It was an intimate moment captured in song.  

Did you have parents in mind when developing this album? Many of the tracks are familiar hits. 
We had people who love music in mind. It’s like ordering off the grownup menu for everyone. Kids might like them too! They are songs I’ve loved in my life. It’s a variety that will touch lots of people. 

What was bedtime like in your house when you were younger? 
I don’t remember exactly, but probably a lot like my house now. Pretty traditional: bath time, homework, reading, sometimes sneaking into other sibling’s rooms to sleep when we were scared of UFOs. It was the 1970s. There were lots of UFO movies out at the time. There was even a Brady Bunch episode in which a UFO lands in their backyard. 

Do you have tips for parents who might be struggling with bedtime? 
Make a good bedtime routine. Make an earlier bedtime routine. Make sure your kids get to run around a lot during the day. I’m not sure what works for everyone. Every family is so different. Even at our house, we have traditional bedtime routines, but sometimes [the] kids don’t want to go to sleep. They get that from me.

What was it like developing the soundtrack for the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie show? 
It was so fun collaborating with the show writers including Ken Scarborough, the music supervisor, the creatives from Amazon, and my collaborator Rich Jacques, to come up with lots of different styles of songs for the characters to sing. I really love making music for the show.

What's up next for you career wise? 
More music, more cooking, crafts, coffee, more glasses. Telling stories and hearing everyone’s stories!

Be sure to check out the full Lullaby Girl album.

Additionally, Loeb was nominated for a Grammy for her album Feel What You Feel. She is set to perform a public concert at Symphony Space, along with other Grammy nominated artists, on Saturday, Jan. 27, with ticket sales benefiting Education Through Music.

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Main image: The talented singer-songwriter, producer, and author Lisa Loeb
Frances Iacuzzi


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