On The Blogroll: Long Island Mom

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Blogging from: Long Island

Christina Arata, a mother of two, shares what she’s learned about being a mom and also poses honest questions about parenting in general on her blog Long Island Mom. She shares the mistakes and triumphs she has gone through and also never fails to add family photos and witty memes to express her feelings. As a food lover, she shares her easy meal recipes (with photos of delicious food!) and is always open to feedback.

This is a very personal blog with entries that tell of an encounter with pediatrician, a family picnic, drama during the holidays, getting on a plane with children, tantrums, and naptime. General topics include love and marriage, motherhood and family, non-kid stuff, and recipes.

The non-kid stuff section features posts on how she deals with turning 30, what she gave up for lent, and beauty products she loves. She also has entries on how she feels about certain political and local issues such as breastfeeding, recovering from Hurricane Sandy, and guns issue in the uncategorized section. To keep things fresh, she even created a poll on what her readers think the best stroller is! Guest posts by family members are also featured. — Jin Lee