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Low-Mess Pom Pom Hand Puppet Craft for Kids

Low-Mess Pom Pom Hand Puppet Craft for Kids

Kids can flex their storytelling skills by writing plays for these homemade hand puppets!

Pull out the pipe cleaners and hot glue gun to make these hand puppets—a project featured in Debbie Chapman’s Low-Mess Crafts for Kids—and then have the kids write and perform a show for you! This DIY is perfect for those summer days when it’s just too hot (or rainy) to be outside, but keeping the kids cooped up inside all day without planned activities can drive us crazy.

Who needs a fancy puppet when you can use your hand?! Slide your middle finger into one of these pom pom hand puppets and use your fingers and thumb as the mouth. Hands can be surprisingly funny when you make them talk in a silly voice!

Do you want another low-mess craft tip? Look for bags of short pipe cleaners to add to your craft stash. There are no scraps to worry about when you don’t have to cut anything. Try curling a short pipe cleaner into a spiral for one set of eyes. Or use sparkly pom poms to make eyelashes on another one. A small change can inspire a completely new personality for your puppet.


  • 5 pipe cleaners, 6 inches long (or 3 full length pipe cleaners, cut in half)
  • 2 large pom poms
  • 2 small pom poms
  • 2 medium googly eyes


  • Low-temperature glue gun (make sure to ask a grown-up to help when using)


pom pom hand puppet diy step 1

1. Fold one pipe cleaner in half, then bend it into a “U” shape.

pom pom hand puppet diy step 2

2. Spread apart the fluff in one of the large pom poms. Add a small glob of hot glue into the opening, then press one of the pipe cleaner ends into the glue, pushing the fluff of the pom pom back into place around the pipe cleaner. Repeat with the other end of the pipe cleaner with the second large pom pom.

 pom pom hand puppet diy step 3

3. Fold two pipe cleaners in half. Add a small dab of hot glue onto the small pom poms and press them onto the tip of each pipe cleaner half. These will be the antennae.

pom pom hand puppet diy step 4

4. Attach the pipe cleaner antennae to the top of each of the large pom poms using a glue gun.

pom pom hand puppet diy step 5

5. Bend the pipe cleaner antennae slightly so they curve.

pom pom hand puppet diy step 6

6. Take the end of another pipe cleaner and fold the end by about ½ inch. Fold it by ½ inch in the other direction. Continue folding it back and forth, in opposite directions, until you get to the end. Repeat for the last pipe cleaner. These will be the puppet’s eyebrows.

pom pom hand puppet diy step 7

7. Attach the eyebrows to the front of the large pom poms using hot glue. Then attach the googly eyes slightly over the top of the eyebrows, again using hot glue.

pom pom hand puppet diy step 8

8. Your pom pom hand puppet is complete!


low-mess crafts for kids Reprinted from Low-Mess Crafts for Kids with permission from Page Street Publishing Co. Photography by Debbie Chapman.




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