On the Blogroll: Lower East Side Dad

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Blogging from: Manhattan, NYC

Lower East Side Dad is a refreshing take on the life of a, well, Lower East Side dad. It seems like quite a rarity to find a father reflecting on experiences with his kids, so this blog is definitely a gem. Though postings are rare, each is an eloquent, funny, and beautifully written short piece about “the joys and travails of a parent of two little girls on the Lower East Side of New York.” This dad chooses to remain anonymous as a means of avoiding any future embarrassment for his daughters, and refers to his eldest daughter, born 2008, as ‘A,’ his younger daughter, born 2010, as ‘B,’ and his wife as ‘C.’ 

Lower East Side dad explains in his first post from November 2012 that he became a parent later in life and had never even been to the Lower East Side until he and his wife were looking for a place just after their first daughter was born. He also writes about how dramatically different his childhood was compared to that of his daughters: He grew up in a mostly-white suburb of Philadelphia in the '60s, whereas his girls are completely 21st-century Greenwich Village kids. His parents were about 50 when he went to college, and he will be nearly 70 when A and B go off to college. Consequently, his stories and observations are fascinating.

Lower East Side Dad also explains in his first post that all the parenting advice books out there are simply wrong. He raises an interesting point that if one were right, then there wouldn’t be so many. At the behest of their obstetrician, he and his wife decided to play parenting by ear. In keeping with this philosophy, Lower East Side Dad does not offer revolutionary parenting advice, but his musings about his daughters are astute and incredibly fun to read. Melanie Shapiro