Magic Day Camp in Hollis Hills Introduces Age Group Divisions

Magic Day Camp in Hollis Hills Introduces Age Group Divisions

Magic Day Camp, a children's day camp located at the border of Hollis Hills and Bayside, has two new divisions designed to improve the camp experience for children ages 4 to 15. The divisions are Hocus Pocus, for children ages 9 to 15, and Abracadabra, for ages 4 to 8. According to management, the divisions were created to help staff manage a recent growth in the number of campers. The camp has seen a 25 percent increase in registrants since 2014. By creating two groups, staff is able to take campers out on trips in smaller groups, providing a better, more exciting experience for the children.

“We structured it so the kids will have more fun and it's easier to manage as far as the counselors and directors go,” says Phil, sales manager at the camp.

The divisions went into effect July 2, the first day of camp.

Children in both divisions will go on age-appropriate trips to local venues. Older children will go to places such as trampoline parks, laser bounce facilities, bowling and the beach. Younger campers will enjoy trips to the beach and bowling too, but also spend time doing arts-and-crafts activities in the camp's indoor air-conditioned facility.

The camp also offers lessons in a variety of sports, including swimming, tennis and basketball. Both recreational and instructional swimming takes place in a nearby private pool led by certified swimming instructors.

Camp runs 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., five days a week through August 24. Free door-to-door transportation for campers is available.

Registration for camp is open. Parents must register for a minimum of two weeks. More information is available on the website.

Image: Age group divisions will make every camper’s experience more suited to them.
Courtesy Magic Day Camp