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Language Workshop for Children Offers English as a Second Language

Language Workshop for Children, part of Small World Connect, offers language classes for kids in Manhattan. The language center, which uses a technique designed by founder Francois Thibaut, now offers English as a Second Language for children in Manhattan.

language workshop for children

The Language Workshop for Children incorporates songs, visual aids, and games to make learning fun.

In October, The Language Workshop for Children®, a division of Small World Connect®, began offering an English as a Second Language program. The language center aims to teach children languages by using a technique specially designed by director and founder Francois Thibaut.

The ESL program is designed for non-native English speaking children ages 2-15. Thibaut says that since children from many different backgrounds and countries are learning English as a second language, at this time the ESL program is only available in private lessons. These lessons are flexible and available in morning, afternoon, after-school, and weekend sessions, but parents are required to schedule ahead of time. Lessons are available in 10-week or 20-week session options.

To teach English and other available language programs, The Language Workshop for Children uses the Thibaut Technique® to immerse children in the languages in a fun and interactive way. This technique incorporates songs to reinforce grammar, visual aids to teach vocabulary, and games to carry emotion, which assists with memory.

“The big difference between the child who learns something and retains it for life and the child who forgets in just a few weeks is love and application of the language,” Thibaut says.


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