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Martial Arts Family Studio in Soho Offering New Movement Classes

Martial Arts Family Studio in Soho Offering New Movement Classes

Martial Arts Family Studio in Soho will begin offering movement classes for toddlers beginning Jan. 7. The movement classes are designed to keep children ages 1 to 3 years old who have learned to walk active and features a series of age-appropriate obstacle courses. The facility also began offering music classes in September in addition to opening a new playroom.

Movement classes will take places on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

“It’s a space for kids to get their energy out in an appropriate setting,” says Rapiejko. “And parents get an exhausted child at the end.”

The studio's playroom features a baby-proof facility with a matted floor complete with an array of toys including fabric building blocks, rocking horses and sing-along books.

The music classes are geared towards children ages 0 months to 4 years. Each half-hour session uses puppetry alongside recorded music to get children engaged in learning. Blue puppet “Lola” and her friends lead an interactive discussion about letters and other topics to keep kids entertained while they learn.

Martial Arts Family Studio offers martial arts classes for adults and children. Classes for children include taekwondo and kali kickboxing, a form of kicking-focused self-defense that originated in the Philippines.

More information about classes, registration and pricing is on the website.

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