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Mathnasium of Roslyn Wins Award

Mathnasium of Roslyn Wins Award

Mathnasium of Roslyn was recently awarded the Top 10 Single Center Owner award.

Mathnasium of Roslyn was awarded the Top 10 Single Center Owner award at the 13th Annual Mathnasium International Franchise Convention in July. It was selected out of more than 750 Mathnasium franchise locations in the United States.

“The validation of knowing I am being recognized for doing good work not just locally but nationally is a great feeling," says Alan Flyer, owner and center director of Mathnasium of Roslyn. "We have a great staff, a great community, and we work hard to make sure the kids are understanding math.”

Flyer opened Mathnasium of Roslyn in 2011 in Roslyn Heights. The business serves students in the second through 12th grades. In order to be successful, Flyer says he followed the program as best as he could and tried to offer students everything in order to succeed.        

The Mathnasium program begins with an assessment of the student’s abilities and inabilities in order to determine the best course of action to help the child. If students are struggling, Mathnasium of Roslyn tries to find the root of the problem and build a stronger foundation. Although students are always taught in a group setting, each student’s learning plan is individualized based on their needs. The topics that are chosen for each student are customized to help them improve.

“The end goal is to help show that there are a lot of fun ways to enjoy math, learn to love math, and get ahead with math,” Flyer says. He hopes to bring new family math nights to elementary schools in the area in the fall, in association with the National Parent Teacher Association.

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Main image: Mathnasium Center owner Alan Flyer (right) and assistant center director Suneet Jain accept the 2017 Award for Top 10 Mathnasium Center.
Courtesy Mathnasium of Roslyn


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