On The Blogroll: Me and Ducky

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Blogging from: Manhattan

It’s no secret that being a single mother is really hard work, but it’s clear from Cara Lemieux’s blog, Me and Ducky, that she performs the job exceptionally well, and most importantly, she does so with a fantastic sense of humor. Lemieux is a multimedia journalist who found out she was pregnant two days before her 30th birthday. Although she officially became a mom on Dec. 3, 2010, she explains, “I think the moment I found out I was pregnant and refused a glass of wine, I became a mom.”

Despite the difficulties she faces on a daily basis, Lemieux manages to find the funny side in just about everything: “Really, at the end of the day, the only things I don’t think are funny are death and terminal illness. Life is too short not to laugh. And yes, there are even funny things about navigating being a single, working mom in Manhattan.”

Me and Ducky chronicles the lives of Lemieux and her adorable daughter, Ellie. She writes about all of Ellie’s milestones and the challenges she faces in balancing work and taking care of her daughter. Lemieux writes candidly about the day she found out that she was pregnant and how she handled it, and of course, makes it funny by writing about the therapeutic shopping excursion she went on and the most impractical purchase she ever made.

Me and Ducky also includes a number of posts about a variety of different topics ranging from the frustration of unsolicited parenting advice from strangers to making time to exercise to traveling without your child. She also posts great craft and recipe ideas, “Single Mom Solutions” for how to deal with events like a visit to the pediatrician’s office, and she even includes a section for guest posts called “Dad’s Thoughts,” certainly a rarity on a single mom’s blog.

Me and Ducky is a truly fantastic read for any parent, single or not. Lemieux has a lot of helpful tips, interesting blog posts, and her words will remind you to keep your sense of humor as you navigate through the world of parenting. Melanie Shapiro