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4 Food and Drink Hacks to Make Mealtime with Kids Easier

4 Food and Drink Hacks to Make Mealtime with Kids Easier

Four handy tips to make mealtime with kids easier

Getting your kid to put her toys away. Convincing your toddler to stay in his big-kid bed when it’s time to go to sleep. Figuring out what’s causing the meltdown in the grocery store and fixing the problem. There are a lot of situations with raising kids that can be a struggle, but one thing that doesn’t have to be? Meal and snack time—at least not with these four practical food and drink hacks for parents that will make mealtime easier with kids. 

From mess-free ways to enjoy yogurt and juice boxes to tricks to get your kids to eat most, if not all, of their food, mealtime just got a little bit easier thanks to this dad of two.

Picky Eaters Be Gone!

get fussy eaters to eat

Playing with food is encouraged with this hack as it makes mealtimes fun for fussy eaters.

The next time your little one flatly refuses to take a mouthful, get dice and ask the child to roll them on the table—the number they roll dictates the number of spoonfuls they must eat. Like incurable lottery ticket buyers, your child won’t be able to resist the chance of winning big.

Snack Time Made Fun

ice-cube tray snack caddy

Do your kids look at a lovingly prepared plate of fruit and vegetables as if you’re trying to poison them? If so, this hack could be the answer to your prayers.

Try placing a variety of different bite-size morsels in an ice-cube tray and make choosing which piece to eat into a game. This magically makes healthy snacks more appealing and it’s perfect for the persnickety child who likes to keep his snacks separate.

Prevent Your Kid from Squeezing Juice Boxes

squeezy juice box

Juice cartons are really handy, but it can be very tempting for little hands to squeeze the box too much, resulting in a juice fountain that invariably stains clothing and soft furnishings. This hack will reduce the risk.

Simply pull up the flaps on either side of the box and get your child to hold them when lifting the box to drink from it. This ensures that the juice ends up in your child’s mouth and not on the floor.

Make Your Own Fro-Yo Pops

yogurt pops

Here’s a way to make eating yogurt fun for children (and also ensure that they get their calcium).

Make a narrow slit in each yogurt lid with a knife, push a Popsicle™ stick into it and then place the yogurts (upright!) into your freezer compartment. Once frozen, remove the lid, ease out the frozen yogurt pop, and enjoy!

life hacks for parents cover Excerpted from LIFE HACKS FOR PARENTS by Dan Marshall. Copyright © 2017. Reprinted by permission of Harper Design, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers

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Dan Marshall is an author, editor, and illustrator. When he is not busy with his duties as a loving dad of two, he enjoys DIY and playing his guitar. He is the author of Life Hacks, Dad Hacks, Tidy Hacks, and Good Sh*t Bad Sh*t.

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